Our Gazebos are the perfect cover for your hot tub

Gazebo from Dunster House with hot tub

Use a gazebo as a hot tub shelter

If you’re looking for hot tub shelter ideas, you have reached the right place! We sell 4 main styles of Gazebos: Wooden, Canopy, Thatched and one specifically for hot tubs. Any of our gazebos are ideal to use as a cover for your hot tub. Each are different in style, but with the same in functionality. We’ll talk first with the Gazebo designed specifically as a hot tub shelter.

Erin Gazebo

The Erin Gazebo comes with 70mm x 70mm timber uprights, which are secured further by galvanised steel fixing plates. These are less susceptible to structural failure caused by rust. It is making them ideal for constant exposure to the unpredictable British weather. On top of these substantial uprights is a heavy duty, 19mm roof which features a Perspex dome. Perfect for stargazing at night.

With this gazebo, you can choose between a Louvre wall panel, which are similar to blinds and gives you complete control regarding the amount of privacy or exposure you have whilst relaxing. If this isn’t for you, you can opt to add half height or full height timber walls that form a fantastic barrier against the elements.

Gazebo from Dunster House with hot tub

Atlas Gazebo

If the Perspex dome on top of the Erin Gazebo doesn’t strike your fancy, we have a range of wooden top Gazebos available, including our Atlas Gazebo.

The Atlas Gazebo is available in two sizes,  W3.2m x D3.2m or W6.0m x D3.2m meaning it will suit most garden sizes. The uprights (four on W3.2m x D3.2m, six on W6.0m x D3.2m) are 145mm x 145mm thick that the whole structure is strong and sturdy. It won’t blow away like flimsy, plastic alternatives.

As with the Erin Gazebo, we give you the option to add as many half height or full height panels for privacy and protection as you like. To add further protection, we offer four different types of roof protection. These are roof felt, super felt, shingles and our unique thatched option that will bring a bit of Africa to your back garden.

The vast majority of gazebos in our range is fully pressure treated. The treatment is forced deep within the timber, allowing us to offer a genuine 10-year guarantee against fungal decay and insect infestation without any need for you to retreat it in that period.

If the Atlas Gazebo isn’t to your liking or doesn’t match your budget, then our Utopia Gazebo is the perfect substitute.

Gazebo from Dunster House with hot tub

Utopia Gazebo

The Utopia Gazebo comes as W2.0m x D2.0m, W3.0m x D3.0m and W4.0m x D3.0m, again giving you a choice on which would best suits your garden. The Utopia Gazebo features 70mm x 70mm timber uprights which, whilst still significant. It offers an aesthetic quality that will suit your garden type whether grass, decking, shingle or concrete.

Although different styles, both the Atlas and Utopia Gazebo have one big thing in common, the customisation options are the same. You can opt to add half height timber panels or full height timber panels (consisting of two half height panels). It is totally up to you!

If you prefer a canopy roof instead of a wooden one, then we have the perfect range of canopy gazebos that would look fantastic in any garden.

Gazebo from Dunster House with hot tub

Canopy Gazebos

Our Canopy Gazebos are the Akira, Amelia, Ava, Alena and Aiesha. All feature 86mm x 86mm thick posts that can be fitted to either a concrete surface or timber decking using our metal floor fixing brackets that are supplied with each. All the metal brackets used in the construction (including the supports for the roof frame) are hot dipped galvanised. The hot dip process bonds zinc to the steel in a thick layer to keep corrosion away for many years. We confidently guarantee these brackets for 10 years against structural failure caused by rust.

The Canvas Canopy is made from 100% Olefin that is a water repellent and stain resistant material. It is also highly resistant to UV rays giving the equivalent protection of applying a factor 80 sun cream. This material is also used for the outer layer of bullet proof vests, so is durable!


Gazebo from Dunster House with hot tub

To find out more information, or view our range of Gazebos, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445. Alternatively, if you would prefer we call you, fill in our Contact us page and we will get back to you. As always, feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

July 23, 2017

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