Having spent much of the year yearning for sun, warmth and fresh air when it finally does arrive the majority of us migrate outside to soak it all in. The garden becomes the living room, dining room and the kitchen. The garden becomes the room which brings family and friends together. So, why not make the most of this seasonal room and include a Dunster House Gazebo?

The Otteridge is a traditional, chic gazebo with balustrades enclosing the bottom half of your gazebo. You can choose to keep the top half of your gazebo open or enclose it slightly by going for the solid panel or trellis options. Let your plants climb the trellis and engulf your gazebo, creating a picturesque escape for you and a good book, or friends and a cold drink.

The Utopia Gazebo is available in two sizes, 2m x 2m and 3m x 3m. The variations are tremendous from; completely open or bottom panels to full panels with glass. If you would like some privacy in your gazebo or shelter from the elements to prolong your use each year, we have these options available for you! The Utopia is ideal for placing over your already existing outdoor dining furniture or hot tub.

Last but far from least are the charming African Thatched Gazebos. The friends and family will be momentarily stunned into silence, only breaking it when envy asks who you purchased from.  The African Thatched Gazebos are available as a standalone product, or with decking and balustrades or the Fully Loaded option. The Fully Loaded adds to the enticing allure of the gazebos by including decking and balustrades along with benches, bench cushions, an internal canopy and curtains for added privacy or shielding from wind. On some Fully Loaded models a table in included within the product.

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