Get your kids fighting fit with Climbing Frames

Climbing Frames Dunster House

NHS Guidelines state that young people (between 5-18) need to have at least one hour of physical activity a week involving activities that build muscle, strengthen bones and involve intensive cardio work. For children under five this is longer. At Dunster House we understand how difficult it is to schedule in three hours of physical activity between your daily tasks. With a Dunster House Climbing Frame, your problem is solved!

By having a climbing frame in the your garden; you will encourage your children to play rather than sit watching television or playing games. Improving not only their fitness, co-ordination and motor skills

Climbing Frames Dunster House

Add some extra climbing stones to make climbing a little easier

but their spatial ability as well.

At the tender age of three to five years old, children are always climbing and finding new things to attract their attention. Thus, Dunster House climbing frames come with stairs and climbing wall access to the large decks to rest before continuing their adventure. For the less confident climber, you have the added option of buying extra climbing stones. They’ll make climbing that little bit easier.

As your child, and their confidence, grows they may become brave enough to take on our monkey bars, knotted rope, ring trapeze or monkey swing. They are available as optional extras. By letting your child play on this as they grow, they will develop their co-ordination as well as their strength. This is also a great tool to improve their social skills. By providing the ideal place for them to get to know their classmates better in the safety of your garden.

Safety is priority

Climbing Frames Dunster House

Our wrap around hooks ensure that the timber is not weakened!

Safety is always our number one priority; the features have all been designed to ensure your children’s comfort and safety whilst playing. To secure your swings, trapeze or monkey swings, we use wrap around swing hooks. These do not penetrate the timber. They are, as the name suggests, wrapped around it. This means the timber is not weakened at all – ensuring you more security than some of our competitors.  We get these tested with weights throughout production to ensure that the climbing frame is durable.

We cover all nuts and bolts with a plastic covering bolt. This ensures that your children will not catch their clothes or skin as they climb, run and slide.

With a large range of climbing frames to choose from, and a range of extras available to purchase for a more personalised feel, we are sure that you will find one that will suit your specifications. Dunster house climbing frames are all made with pressure treated timber ensuring it is durable, safe and doesn’t require you to re-treat it yearly like some of our competitors – Bonus!

To see our full range of Climbing Frames, including the amazing optional extras we have available, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.

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