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Greenhouse "Serendipity" from Dunster House

One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is to get healthier and lose weight in 2017. It lasts for a little while but the cost of buying fresh fruit and vegetables daily quickly add up. It becomes an obstacle to your resolution. You could always grow your own in the garden. The first few months of 2017 are going to be too cold to really get your vegetables passed the seedling stage. You could opt to add raised beds to your garden but then it becomes more of a working garden rather than a place you can enjoy as well or, you could go for the most obvious choice and buy a Greenhouse. It’ll give you a designated space where you can focus on your gardening before transferring them to the garden whilst still leaving plenty of room in the garden for you to enjoy through the year.

Greenhouse "Serendipity" from Dunster House

Our Wooden Greenhouses

Our range of greenhouses start from W1.8m x D1.2m and go to as large as W2.4m x D3m. You’ll definitely find one that sorts your garden. For the case of this blog we will focus on the smallest of which, especially as you are potentially a green-fingered beginner, called the Serendipity Greenhouse W1.8m x D1.8m.

Serendipity Greenhouse

Serendipity has full length panes of glass rather than half glazed, half-timber. This glass is 4mm toughened glass, rather than Perspex or Styrene. Hence, it is less likely to scratch and cloud up overtime. Many green fingered enthusiasts utilise staging. The full length panes ensure that all plants get the maximum amount of sunlight to optimise their growing potential. Each pane of glass is held together using wooden trims rather than slotting the glass into the framework as you build the Greenhouse. This method means that if a pane of glass within the Greenhouse breaks, you can replace a single piece. No need to dismantle the entire roof to remove it – sounds much simpler, doesn’t it. Breakages should be a rarity within your Greenhouse as the 4mm toughened glass is very difficult to break, we should know, we threw a brick at it.

Check out this video about our glazing test


This glass is even used in the roof of your Greenhouse. With all of our fully glazed Greenhouses, we include a set of automatic temperature sensitive skylights. These take the effort out of gardening by ensuring that your plants are adequately ventilated all year round. You won’t even need to adjust them yourselves. The wax inside the skylight melts when the temperature gets too hot so, the skylight open. As it cools, the skylight will close again. This helps keep a consistent temperature inside your greenhouse which is impossible with manually adjustable options. It will help to dramatically improve plant health and growth.

Greenhouse must have features

There is no point spending time and money on ensuring the glazing of your Greenhouse is right if the framework is weak. Your Greenhouse needs to be strong, sturdy and dry no matter what the British weather throws at it. Our Serendipity Greenhouse W1.8m x D1.8m features a thick heavy duty 60mm x 45mm framework so it will easily stand against the elements, along with any general wear and tear it may face. This strong framework continues to the roof which is 80mm x 45mm. It provides additional support and structure to the roof.

All the timber used is cut to size, planed and pressure treated. This treatment is far superior to the dip treating our customers offer. Leaving it untreated will force it deep within the timber giving it a better level of protection. This also stops the Greenhouse from becoming susceptible to rot or insect infestation – a vital feature to any Garden Building that you want to remain strong and sturdy.

Greenhouse "Serendipity" from Dunster House

If you want a 2017 that ensures you are happy, healthy and a bit more wealthy as you aren’t spending silly money on vegetables at the supermarket, then visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.

December 30, 2016

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