Get your own mancave and celebrate the Summer of Sport!

ManCave Log Cabi Interior Dunster House

This summer has been labelled the ‘Summer of Sport’ as it sees the start of Wimbledon, The Commonwealth Games, The US Open (Golf), Rugby, Rowing, Grand Prix, Tour De France and of course the World Cup, which is kicking off today at 17:00, you can’t help but get excited and behind the various sports.

With the matches starting at sporadic times, you could go and watch the game in your local pub surrounded by complete strangers; some who support the opposing team, with the constant fear of the night getting out of hand as copious amounts of alcohol are mixed with the adrenaline from the game or you could watch it in one of our Log Cabins with a group of friends, ice cold beer and good food – I know which one I would choose!

Your Own ManCave

ManCave Log Cabin Interior Dunster House

David made a family friendly mancave

Create your own luxury mancave at the end of your back garden. An environment where you can speak all things sport, cars and action movies. Without having to bear the inevitable eye roll or half hearted responses from your other half.

Our Log Cabins are the ideal solution to any obstacles that can occur during matches. If you have children and can’t afford to wake them up with your shouts of support, your partner doesn’t want to have to sit through all the football games or you just want a place where you can go and relax, the Log Cabin is the thing you need!

ManCave Log Cabin Interior Dunster House

The ultimate mancave!


The possibilities really are endless when it comes to decorating your Log Cabin, you could copy Great British Garden Retreat entrant Dean Watsons lead, and turn your Log Cabin into a full functional bar where you can enjoy the game with a large group of people. Or you could take inspiration from David Bennion. He designed his man-cave in a way that ensures the whole family can enjoy it… with his permission of course!

With various sizes and styles available, you are sure to find one that meets your expectations. Also, with our buildings all being less than 2.5 metres you won’t have to wait while planning permission gets reviewed. Score! Using interlocking slow grown timber guarantees to win the battle with the English weather. That means you will not get any unsightly gaps as the timber naturally expands and contracts.

June 12, 2014

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