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When you think about purchasing your Garden Building, everyone thinks about the same things; the look, space, quality of the wood (ours is always the best) and the price.   Not very many people look at the guttering.   Maintaining your guttering is one of the most important things you should consider as it prevents water damage to your Garden Building.

Guttering is an important addition to your Garden Building and is normally the one that is overlooked by everyone when looking at optional extras.    We have listed the key reasons you should take advantage of our 50% off guttering that we are offering until the 3rd September, so be quick!


Gutter Dunster HouseKeeps you dry with the gutter

The last thing you want when walking into your sanctuary, is to inadvertently have a shower as water drips on you from the roof.   By adding guttering to your building, you can ensure that this will not happen.


Prevents the walGutter Dunster Housels from rotting

If your Garden Building does not have sufficient guttering; the water will collect on the roof rotting the timber cladding over time, even treated timber.   If you have treated your Log Cabin, something which we advise all our customers to do, you will still be susceptible to this rot if you haven’t got sufficient guttering.

Gutter Dunster HouseKeeps water away from foundations

We provide you with thick floor bearers, most of which are pressure treated, protecting you from rot and infestation.   We are so confident of this that we give you a 10 year guarantee.   However, if you purchase our guttering, you can add extra security measures to ensure this does not happen.   If the ground below your Garden Building becomes water lagged then the bearers will be subjected to excessive moisture – a death sentence for most cabins.

Gutter Dunster HouseKeeps you building clean

It’s been raining heavily in your garden, all of which the ground has been subjected to.    As the water falls from the roof and hits the sodden ground, it will rebound up the wall of the building. Leaving mud marks everywhere it hits.   We know you put a lot of effort into your Garden Buildings appearance. You don’t want this to be ruined simply because you chose not to add guttering.


Gutter Dunster HouseGood for environment

I know we have posted a blog about this previously but we can’t reiterate just how important this is.  Use rainwater instead of water from the mains.  Not only will this reduce your water bill substantially but with Britain getting an abundance of rainwater, you will never go short.  You can store water so that you have some spare. If there is ever a drought, you never have to worry about hosepipe bans again.

Low cost on your water bills

To help reduce your water bill dramatically, whilst still having enough water to watch your garden thrive, invest in a water butt.  Our 95 litre water butt will hold rainwater. That  means you can water your garden frequently without having to worry about water bills.


August 28, 2014

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