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It’s absolutely freezing outside. This is often the time of year when children spend more time playing video games, watching TV and chatting on their phones then trying to venture outside. As for parents, many of us want to retreat indoors to curl under a warm blanket with a cup of tea rather than stand freezing at a park whilst the children run around remaining warm.

The cold can actually be good for your children. I’m not advising you to take them outdoors in shorts and t-shirts but, provided they are wrapped up properly, there is no reason they shouldn’t play throughout the colder months. In fact, according to a report on, spending time outdoors actually holds health benefits.

The primary health benefit stated was that children will be able to still get their 60 minutes recommended exercise a day, and that is actually more effective than working out during the summer months. The more exercise they get, the better they’ll sleep at night, meaning you’ll get quieter nights (the ever elusive lie in on a Saturday may actually happen). Your children will be having so much fun playing that they won’t realise that they’ll actually be exercising whilst they play. I looked closely at our range of Climbing Frames to see how some of our fantastic features (see below) would help children exercise and how:

Your children have to pump their legs high to swing and, the harder they push, the higher they get. They’ll be giggling away whilst they compete to see who can go the highest whilst working their quadriceps and hamstrings which are at the front and back of their thighs.

Monkey Bars
Swinging on the Monkey Bars requires a lot of arm and upper body strength, along with a great grip. By buying a Climbing Frame with Monkey Bars such as the FortPlus Escape or MaxiFort Frontier, your children will constantly be improving their muscle strength by holding themselves up. Furthermore, the twisting and swinging as they build the courage to go from one bar to the other helps develop their flexibility and agility in the shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers.

Get the kids outdoors - Gain more happy moments!

Climbing Wall
In a similar way to the Monkey Bars, scaling a Climbing Wall is a great way to build upper body strength. Obviously, your children will not be scaling a full-size wall but, when they are little, our wall certainly gives them a challenge. Climbing this repeatedly works every part of your body, from your fingers to your toes with emphasis on the core. As the core stabilizes the whole body, it helps create a stronger, less injury prone child (I bet my mum wished she knew this when I was younger) while also strengthening the entire body including the cardiovascular system.

Get the kids outdoors - Gain more happy moments!

It’s not actually the slide itself that provides a workout for kids but rather the running around and climbing up the stairs repeatedly. It’s great for the cardiovascular system, improving their breathing, whilst also working on their legs all the time. Any of our Climbing Frames that feature a slide have a ladder to gain access so, by the time they have finished playing, they would have worked their whole body.

Give your children the best start in life by encouraging them to lead a healthy lifestyle. I’ve noted some of the great physical benefits our Climbing Frames offer in this blog, but they are also great for their imagination too. Read our blog ‘The best Climbing Frames for different play styles’ to find out how.
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January 18, 2017

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