A gift from the gods: Atlas and Hercules Carports and Garages

Carports and Garages Dunster House

As it is Christmas and we are feeling particularly festive this year we have decided to launch a product. Well three actually, all at once.  We have already told you about the Atlas Gazebo and now we have another gift from the gods. It’s in the form of Hercules Carports and Garages. Designed to provide high quality shelter for your vehicle and gardening goods, the Hercules Carports and Garages are luxurious in design and material thanks to their heavy-duty framework and fully pressure treated timber.

We use slow grown spruce timber to make our Garages and Carports as it produces less sap, therefore severely reducing the risk of sap ruining your car. There are many aesthetic benefits to using slow grown spruce as they do not have as many knots in them, producing a cleaner look.


These elegant buildings are easy to construct thanks to their panelised frame, meaning you have no join marks that could weaken the timber. We help you further by ensuring that the wood is planed, pre-cut* and pre-notched to make construction easier. During the pressure treatment process we add a brown additive to ensure you are presented with a deep rich colour rather than the unattractive green that is so common with pressure treated products. Whilst this may cost us more, we think the finished product is worth it.

Carports and Garages Dunster House

The Carport, which comes in 5 varying sizes, is the perfect place to store cars; motorbikes, lawnmowers and firewood to keep it dry from Britain’s unpredictable weather.  Whilst varying in size, our carports also vary in vacancy. We sell single, double and even triple Carports to cater for families with a multitude of vehicles.

As we know Garden Buildings and we have a vast experience of timber. We have made our 15mm timber have a deep tongue and groove finish which allows for the natural expansion and detraction of wood throughout the year without unsightly gaps appearing.


Carports and Garages Dunster House

If you want somewhere with a little more privacy for your car, you could opt for our Hercules Garage.  Similar in quality to the Carport, the Hercules Garage features two barn doors to finish the look.  The large double Garage doors use gate style hinges to give a more rustic feel to the garage. This is combined with a standard 2 point locking system to help secure your vehicle and tools.

Why not add a sidestore for a practical addition. The sidestore room has a single solid door for access.  Also, to keep things locked away safely, leaving more room to park your car!

To view our range of Carports and Garages, visit www.dunsterhouse.co.uk or call 01234 272 445 to speak to our sales team!


*The only timber exempt from this is the trims

December 22, 2014

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