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Fish Pond

Whenever I go to visit my Uncle I spend an inordinate amount of time in his garden. He has an outside decked area that looks out, and partially covers, a large fish pond. Both myself and my 5 year old cousin love to sit watching the fish swim – it’s so relaxing. After many envious years staring at my uncle’s pond, I decided that I would have a fish pond in my garden when I moved out. I then moved into a flat with a concrete terrace and decided a pond wouldn’t be practical. The outdoor ponds I looked at never had the same high quality finish as my uncles and I didn’t want to settle – until now!

We have realised a brand new range, unlike anything we’ve produced before, of Fish Ponds. Whether you will want to add live fish or a whole variety of decorative water plants, the pressure treated Fish Pond is for you! Available from a variety of sizes starting from as little as W1.0m x D1.0m and as large as D2.0m x D2.0m, you are sure to find a size perfect for your garden – maybe you’ll buy a multitude of the smaller sized fish ponds and have them as decorative features throughout your garden or you’ll have one of our larger Fish Ponds in the middle of your garden as a beautiful focal point to your garden – its completely up to you!

We provide you with everything you need to create the base of your Fish Pond and then it’s up to you how, and with what, you choose to fill it. The 45mm thick timber used to make up the base and frame of your Fish Pond carries a ten year guarantee against insect infestation and fungal decay due to our pressure treatment. We have a brown additive added during this process to ensure the timber has a natural finish rather than the green commonly associated with pressure treatment, without the need to annually reapply treatment for at least a decade.

Designed with deep double tongue and groove in the timber, the logs easily slot together and remain together throughout the natural expansion and detraction of the Spruce as the weather changes.  Easily built with the instructions, the DIY savvy can have the Fish Pond built in as little as a day. You can opt to add our 25mm thick polyurethane insulation to the floor and walls of your Fish Pond to help keep them warm during the colder months of the year (you will need to trim these to size to slot them neatly between the panels).

The finishing touch to the fish pond is the waterproof membrane that we provide. We’ve chosen an extremely thick membrane that’s been manufactured to exacting tolerances. We make sure there is enough of the membrane to cover the entire pond and severely reduces the risks of leaks that could harm the wildlife your pond attracts (because it will attract various wildlife).

The addition of a Fish Pond to your garden can attract a large range of wildlife both invited and uninvited that can breathe life into your garden. If you choose to add a water feature to your garden, and a quick search online shows the varied range available, the sound of running water will help sooth you as you sit and unwind with a cup of coffee at the end of a long day.

Visit our website, or call our sales team on 01234 272 445, to order one today. Any fish, or fish pond related tips, leave in the comment box below.

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