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Many people, when they hear the word Greenhouse, imagine green fingered enthusiasts who have gardens or allotments that some of us can only dream of. To be honest, before I started working at Dunster House, I believed this too. However, through extensive research, I found that actually there is a whole host of benefits to adding a Greenhouse to your garden. We have a large range of Greenhouses available so, to avoid confusion, in this blog I’m going to be referring specifically to our Tranquillity Greenhouse W2.4m x D2.4m.

Greenhouse in the garden Dunster House


One of the most important benefits our range of Greenhouse offer is helping you create and maintain an ideal atmosphere that encourages your plants or crops to grow. Whether you’re a beginner when it comes to gardening, someone currently trying to transform your garden, or an enthusiast eagerly preparing for their next competition, your Greenhouse will shield your plants from pest infestation, decay and anything else that threatens them.

Whatever your level of gardening capability, you’ll know that plants are extremely weak and can be damaged easily. By using a Greenhouse to nurture your seedlings into full sized plants, you can protect them, not only from bugs but from stray footballs or little feet trampling all over them.

This protection comes in the form of 4mm toughened glass which is internally beaded into place for additional stability. It also makes it cheaper to repair if a piece of glass breaks as you’ll only have to replace one. This glass is thicker than the industry standard 3mm horticultural glass that many competitors offer as standard. It is also both thicker and stronger than either Perspex or Styrene, both of which can scratch easily and cloud over time. This gives you a Greenhouse that’s not only protective but gives your plants plenty of sunshine.

We put our 4mm toughened glass to the test; check out the results here:

The perfect atmosphere

Growing plants, vegetables and crops is not something to be underestimated. It is difficult. If it’s too hot your plants will wilt and, if it’s too cold, they can become blackened and distorted. You can visit your Greenhouse every few hours, ensuring that it is the right temperature, or you can opt for our Tranquillity Greenhouse W2.4m x D2.4m which comes with opening skylights as standard. These temperature sensitive skylights contain wax which melts when it gets too hot. This causes the skylights to open. This unique feature ensures the temperature inside the Greenhouse is adequately and consistently controlled all year round – something that fixed skylights and even manual skylights don’t offer.

Better control over your plants

Greenhouse gives you much better control over what you can grow than if you choose to grow them directly in your garden, unless of course you have a TruggyWug. As you are not planting directly into the garden soil, you don’t have any limitations. You can mix indoor plants, outdoor plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs and even cacti in our Greenhouse. The two tier staging, which is available as an optional extra, makes this variation that much easier.  It consists of a 600mm wide staging on the lower level and a 300mm wide on the upper level, supported by angled brackets which help maximise the strength available under the staging to store additional pots and tools. This staging means you can place your plants in the optimum position for growth, since some plants need shade and some plants need sun.

Cheaper shopping costs (if growing fruit and vegetables)

Growing your own fruits and vegetables, in either your back garden or your Greenhouse, helps you greatly reduce your shopping costs. Supermarkets have to incorporate the costs of delivery and labour, causing the costs to rise. By opting to grow your own, although it takes more time, you remove these costs. Further to this you will know that the food you’re serving to your family and friends is pesticide free.

To find out more about the fantastic features of our Greenhouses, watch the below video:

To see our range of Greenhouses, which start from as small as W1.8m x D1.2m, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445 who will happily help you find one that matches your budget, style and preference.


July 28, 2016

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