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Garden Office Dunster House

Are you one of the 2.5 million self employed people in the UK? If so, the chances are that you have an office space but have sacrificed a space within your home for it. At Dunster House we can offer you a luxury garden office space that allows you to incorporate work with the comfort of being in your own home. Garden Offices have become extremely popular due to the luxury and peacefulness they can offer as a working environment. The office can be full of distractions not mention the hassle before you have even got there. My day for example starts off with a half an hour journey to work in the car and on particular days the journey home can be incredibly stressful with everybody rushing out at the same time.

Having a Contemporary Garden Office means that you can fit more into your day, I for example spend 5 hours every week, if not longer travelling to and from work which is a real pain. A Contemporary Office could save you that extra 5 hours which could be used to do odd jobs around the house that otherwise you would have done at the weekend, thus saving time for the more important things in life like spending time with your family.

Garden Office Dunster House

The Contemporary Garden Office offers many different benefits. The most obvious is the setting and surrounding scenery. What better view to have whilst working than to look out over your beautifully landscaped garden. Working in a Garden Office can have a calming effect on your day and it has been said that when working in a garden office you will experience an increase in productivity, especially without the distractions office life can bring. Ultimately your garden office is part of your home, just as if your business were still in your back bedroom (but without the clutter!)

We have three different Contemporary Garden Offices that cater for different sized gardens and budgets. The Piccolo, Medio and Grande are made from panels that easily slot together making construction that much easier and include three windows that feature toughened glass panels to ensure your office is light and airy. The extra strong and safe door features two 28mm uPVC double glazed panels and a 9 point locking system for added security. The office is fully insulated with SIP panels, 50mm panels in the walls, 45mm panels on the roof and 70mm floor, ideal for keeping the office warm throughout the year.Garden Office Dunster House

When you purchase a Contemporary Garden Office you want to concentrate on the important tasks in hand and not have to worry about looking after your working environment. Our Contemporary Garden Offices are virtually maintenance free which means it does not need to be painted unless you have added a coat yourself. When we say it virtually maintenance free we are not lying especially when it is of paramount importance to protect certain aspects of the building. The floor bearers being the most important part of the building need to be protected which is why we pressure treat them, protecting it from rot and little critters.

If you are looking for a truly unique Contemporary Garden Office then we have exactly what you’re looking for, maybe the exterior isn’t to your liking and you want it to stand loud and proud in your garden. We offer you a range of coloured paints including Inca, Soft White, Soft Clay, and Dark Grey as well as the famous black and white Tudor style. We do not paint the exterior timber before it gets to you giving you the task of creating your personalised Garden Office. You can also customise the windows and doors on your Contemporary Office as well as adding different coloured roofing shingles to increase the protection and heighten the appearance of your Contemporary Garden Office.

Garden Office Dunster House

March 5, 2016

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