Grand Opening – Liverpool!

Grand Opening Dunster House Liverpool Branch

This Bank Holiday weekend was particularly important to us. Not because it was a three day weekend, which is always good, but because we opened up our sixth UK branch in Huyton Business Park. It has taken a lot of work from all parties; installers, marketing, sales teams and anyone we could get involved to turn the place from drab to fab!

The Grand Opening

Opening at 9am, our very friendly sales team were rushed off of their feet as they showed the array of customers around the garden buildings, answered all of their questions and helped them choose a Garden Building that would match their needs (salon, Garden Office, retreat, fully functional bar – the possibilities are endless). If we weren’t happy enough that the customers were coming through the doors thick and fast but we had two VIPS attend the Grand Opening too: Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside Dame Lorna Muirhead, accompanied by her husband Ronald, and the Mayor of Knowsley Councillor Frank Walsh.

The team lined the hallway, sharing a laugh with Company founders Christopher Murphy and his wife Pam, before the dignitaries arrive. When they came through the door, both the Mayor and Lord Lieutenant met the team, sharing a few words with each of them and finding out more about their roles at Dunster House before the team had to run off to tend to more customers.

Grand Opening Dunster House

Christopher, Pam and Director Mike Hart-King gave a guided tour to both the dignitaries in between chatting. As with most people that see our Garden Buildings, it wasn’t long until they both wanted one (albeit it very different ones) and Chris was happy to tell them all about the features. Mayor Frank Walsh was particularly interested in our Greenhouse/Shed combo as he is a green fingered enthusiast whereas the Lord Lieutenant was interested in a Summerhouse where she could retreat too at the end of the day.
Grand Opening Dunster House
Grand Opening Dunster House

After the tour was finished, which involved plenty of chatting about products and current events, the Lord Lieutenant gave a rousing speech to declare us officially open before cutting the ribbon with garden shears (topical really!).

Here is a snippet of her speech:

Any employer who gives employment to the people of Merseyside is very important and never more so than in Huyton. It took a long time, a lot of effort, vision, skill, determination to launch this branch. This branch is a win win situation. Vision of someone, hardwork of someone, a wonderful site and a fantastic project; we wish you continued success here”

Grand Opening Dunster House

Once the garden was declared open, they all retired under the shelter of our Thatched Gazebo. They enjoyed a glass of Prosecco and some gorgeous lunch supplied by local business Toasty Oaties. Which we shared with the customers of course. Then, the Lord Lieutenant and Mayor had to be on their way.

Grand Opening Dunster House Grand Opening Dunster House
Director Mike Hart-King used his speech to thank the team who have worked so hard. They made the Grand Opening a huge success:

“It’s fantastic to see so many customers coming through the door. It’s a credit to all your hard work, not just our sales team. It’s also the people who have work behind the scenes. We have worked tirelessly for the last 20 years, since our first branch opened in 1994. To create high quality products that lead in our industry. As we open our second branch this year, our sixth in total, I can see that hard work has been worth it. We have no intention of stopping anytime soon.”

Grand Opening Dunster House

June 2, 2016

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