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Greenhouse Dunster House

Our Twitter feed is going mad due to the first frost of the season.  Avid gardeners are busy ensuring that their flowers will make it through the winter, leaving their gardens looking fantastic all year round.  With all the hints and tips being shared, there seems to be one recurring theme: greenhouses.

Now, in the summer, greenhouses are beautiful.  The sunlight streaming through the glass enveloping baby plants that are pushing their way through the soil, before erupting into amazing colours, a sign that they are ready to be planted in the garden.  This growing trend can continue well into the winter with our range of greenhouses.

If, like me, the word greenhouse immediately conjures visions of large greenhouses that are the main focal point of your garden and we do create them.  We also know that everyone is different and that their gardens all vary in size so, with this in mind, we created greenhouses perfect for smaller gardens.

Introducing the Regal  W2.1m x D1.8m hexagonal greenhouse. This greenhouse is as unique as its shape. Unlike manyGreenhouse Dunster House greenhouses, the Regal is a fully glass greenhouse, with only the panelling consisting of pressure treated timber. This allows plenty of light to fill your greenhouse, this is especially important in the latter half of the year when sunlight is sparse.

Another benefit is the ease of insulation. As you would have seen from our blog, insulation is easy to do and, by not having to compete with stray bits of metal or wood that are in inconvenient places, we have made it even easier.  Simply measure the square pane of glass and fit the insulation material to it.

Worried about the glass getting damaged by a stray football or local neighbours throwing stones around? Don’t be! Our panes of glass are toughened, meaning that the odd stray ball won’t do much damage. If it does manage to break, then the internal beading makes it easy to replace a single pane rather than having to dismantle a large portion of the greenhouse.
For a great example of what our glass can stand, watch the video below:

Greenhouse Dunster HouseThe framework is made from pressure treated timber, offering you a 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation.  All of our wood is planed; pre cut and pre-notched meaning that construction should be easy for you. So order this amazing greenhouse now to have it delivered before Christmas, we’ll even through in some fixed staging for you!


November 24, 2014

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