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Greenhouse Shed Combo Dunster House

The weather has been ideal for spending time in your garden; getting it ready for a summer of socialising, relaxing, recharging and making the most of your spare time (alone, with friends or with family). As we all know, the weather can be more than a little unpredictable and you can go through a whole host of seasons in the space of 24 hours – it was snowing last week – so it can be difficult to predict the needs of your plants. The Rosenby greenhouse shed combo combines the features and quality of our Greenhouses and the storage and style of our Sheds into one luxurious building that caters for all your gardening needs under a single roof.

Construction of greenhouse shed combo made easy

We know that the idea of building something this size can seem daunting, I’d be very nervous myself, but we have made it as easy as possible. The 16mm shiplap lower panels of the Greenhouse, and the timber in the shed, are delivered to you in a panel system making construction as simple as possible. Along with the instruction manual provided to you on delivery, we also have this instructional video that shows you how to construct it which you can find here.

Greenhouse Shed Combo Dunster House

All of the timber in our greenhouse shed combo is fully pressure treated, rather than dip treated or left untreated. Something many of our competitors offer. By pre-cutting the timber before we put them in the pressure treatment plant, your timber is fully protected against rot and fungal decay. You don’t have to annually apply treatment for at least 10 years – we know this because we guarantee it!

Our industry leading materials don’t stop there, even the panes of glass we use are 4mm toughened glass rather than the 3mm horticultural glass commonly found on the market place today.


These are full panes of glass, not overlapping half panes joined together with clips in the middle. Therefore, they add strength to your greenhouse and help to improve its resistance to harsh weather conditions. Your greenhouse shed combo will be in your garden where accidents may happen, which is why the toughened glass is vital as it can resist a stray football or stone.

In the rare occasion that the glass does break, the toughened glass with shatter and crumble rather than leaving shards hanging dangerously. These panes are held in place with individual wooden beads, rather than being slot into place. Meaning you can change individual panels without needing to remove the roof saving you time, energy and money. This mean you spend less time on the maintaining of your Greenhouse and more time with your flowers and plants.

Greenhouse Shed Combo Dunster HouseGardening often involves carrying heavy plants, equipment and tools as well as manoeuvring a wheelbarrow which is why the extra wide W1.060m (3’ 6”) x H1.785m (5’ 10”) doors are so crucial for our Greenhouse. The doors, which slide open rather than swing on a hinge, open fully and remain where they are placed. No risk of the wind catching it or it knocked as you’re moving things in and out of the Greenhouse.


Some more space saving methods

The space saving methods  continue on the interior of the Greenhouse as well. Our staging is positioned on either side of the greenhouse giving you maximum work space for potting, replanting and inspecting your plants. The staging gives you enough space to position your plants according to their needs.

We know that prolonged exposure on the floor makes your plants more susceptible to diseases and pests. In addition, inconsistent soil temperatures can also kill your plants. The optional staging is supported by sturdy 90mm x 20mm timber. These supports are angled reducing the risk of you painfully hitting your legs against them while you garden. They give you plenty of room for storing your gardening tools, equipment and anything else you may need too.

Improved Ventilation

Greenhouse Shed Combo Dunster HouseTo improve ventilation and reducing the chance of mildew, something that is vital to the well being of your plants, we give you the choice to choose from optional opening skylights and side windows. You can choose between 2 different types of skylight: automatic and manual.

The automatic skylight is filled with wax. When it gets warm, it melts to open the window automatically without you needing to be there. Alternatively, we have a manual skylight which you can open and close with the window stay giving you control. The greenhouse glass is supported by robust 90mm x 35mm roof beams. They add extra stability and strength to your structure. Even the shed has a 16mm thick roof board which prevents any sagging over time.

Gardening can involve lot of equipment…A LOT. It can be difficult to find space in your garden to store all of your tools. A place where they will be safe, dry so that you won’t need to dig around in the dark. Our greenhouse shed combo gives you same large amount of storage that our shed range can give you.

Rosenby greenhouse shed combo features

The shed on the Rosenby Greenhouse/Shed combo is W3.00m (9’ 10”) x 3.00m (9’ 10”) with a height of 1.818m (5’ 11”) giving you more than enough space to store even your larger equipment such as ladders and lawnmowers, along with storage for the dangerous chemicals and poisons often used when gardening.

You enter the shed through 1.985m (6’ 6”) x 1.50m (4’ 11”) opening doors at the back of the Greenhouse. You no longer have to leave the sheltered space and all you need is close at hand. The entirety of the greenhouse shed combo is less than 2.5m high. This means you can place it as close as you like to a garden boundary. For example a wall or fence. That way, letting you make the most out of the available space in your garden. Plus, more room to plant your favourite flowers.

May 10, 2016

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