A guide to planning permission

Your garden is your own personal haven, it provides an outside space to enjoy, a space to grow in and an area to add garden buildings like log cabins, garden offices, sheds and summerhouses.

Customers often worry about planning permission before adding anything to a garden. Some garden buildings can be difficult to get planning permission for but the majority of our garden buildings do not need permission saving you both time and money.

There are a few limitations to which you should adhere to and regulations you must follow in order to have an amazing garden building situated in your garden, we have outlaid a guide for you to help gain a better understanding of if you need planning permission or not…

  • The Garden Building you choose should be less than 2.5 metres if you intend to place closer than 2 metres to a boundary. If the building is over 2.5 metres than you are required to place it more than 2 metres from any boundary (fence, wall etc).
  • Outbuildings and garages should be single storey only. If you buy an apex shed or log cabin it’s maximum height should be less than 4 metres. If you choose a flat roof building it needs to have an overall height less than 3 metres.
  • When adding a building to your garden you need to make sure the building does not cover more than half of the land around your home.

Garden buildings are not the only items in a garden which would need planning permission. Decking, fencing, gates or garden walls also sometimes require planning permission. The following bullet points should help guide you when adding these items to your garden.

  • If you are looking to install fencing you need to make sure that it is less than 2m high.
  • If you adding decking to a garden building or just to your garden it must not cover more than 50% of your garden area.

The bullet points above are only a guideline, there are more questions you need to ask and consider when deciding whether you need planning permission. The flow chart below should help you work out if you need planning permission.

Planning Permission Flowchart



We hope this blog post helps put your minds at ease in regards to planning permission. If you are ever in doubt always contact your local planning office or visit –http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/permission. If you contact your local planning office, it is often a quick and easy process.

Your local planning office will be happy to help talk you through the process. If you need planning drawings to help, we can provide you with these plans. We charge only £150 and, if you order from us, we will take the £150 off the price of your garden building!

August 1, 2015

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