Have a gym at your feet!

Gym Log Cabin Dunster House

We have all fallen into the same pattern; promising ourselves we will go to the gym three times a week and get into shape. Then, with all the daily tasks you have to fit in, you don’t have time to make the commute to the gym. We want to help you manage your time as best you can, so why not purchase one of our Log Cabins and turn it into a home gym.

Gym Log Cabin Dunster House

One customer turned a Coronet into a gym!

Avoid the membership charges, gym bunnies, awkward changing rooms and the wait for the machine you need by having it all at home. You can purchase our Log Cabins with 28mil flooring which will not become damaged by the equipment or the dropping of the weights as you reach the end of your workout – and it is right at the end of your garden which will encourage you to achieve your goal quicker.

Investment for life that pays for itself.

Whilst purchasing a Log Cabin may see like an expensive solution initially, it will pay for itself in no time. Think about membership fees, petrol, parking costs and time means the cabin will pay for itself. Gym equipment can be bought, or built, without much expense. As your gym will be designed with you in mind, much of the equipment you find in a gym will not be needed.

Invest in mats, resistance bands and exercise balls to work different muscle groups. If you like Yoga, you can create the perfect Yoga studio. If you do want to increase your cardio work. You will be able to find fitness equipment surprisingly cheap. The more expensive is a cross trainers, but these are fantastic for exercising when you have joint pains.

As it is yours, you can decorate it anyway you like. Place inspirational pictures on the wall or a TV to keep you entertained while working out. Play music to get you ‘pumped up’ and working out hard! If you really want to feel it’s a luxury gym, get a mini fridge full of your favourite drinks. Healthy drinks. Wine doesn’t count. Then come home and work out the stresses of the day in the privacy of your home. With our Extended Summer Sale currently running, what are you waiting for?

July 24, 2014

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