A healthy Easter!

Easter Dunster House

In a few weeks it will be Easter and, if you have been in the shops, you will notice that there is an abundance of chocolate available to children. This abundance of chocolate follows the wealth of chocolate that was available over the Christmas period. It seems that every special occasion comes with an excuse to eat it. Now we wouldn’t want to deny anyone chocolate but wouldn’t it be better to buy them something that is going to stimulate them both mentally and physically whilst lasting much longer than the Easter long sugar rush.

We do sell Climbing Frames which are perfect for children between 3-14 years old but we also sell products that are slightly more unique, but just as fun for children, such as the Capt’n Matt and our Spiel Caravans. While these are not conventional Climbing Frames in the sense that they do not have slides, swings or monkey bars; these are fun and inventive products that act as props for your child’s imagination. They will become pirates as they sale the turbulent sEaster Dunster Houseeas in the Capt’n Matt or they’ll become travelling witches within the Spiel Caravan. They can travel the world and see the sights, all while in the safety of your back garden.

The Spiel Caravan is perfect for both adults and children. Your children will have fun whilst imagining travelling to faraway lands or simply playing house. The balcony, flower box and step ladder ensure that your children will have plenty of space to run around without fighting. Alternatively you can use the Spiel Caravan for luxury storage of your children’s outside toys (although we have sheds for that) to keep them off of the garden floor.

Our Capt’n Matt allows children to live out their dreams of sailing the seven seas, rescuing the prince/princess and discovering new, exciting lands filled with treasure. The Capt’n Matt is big enough to let your child and three of their friends become their own crew as they spend their weekends away from the latest technology and become healthier, stronger and work on their social skills.

All of our products have been safety checked to ensure that they are safe for children to use. The timber used in our Climbing Frames is the same as those used in our Log Cabins and Garden Offices so you know that these are meant to last. The Spiel Caravan and Capt’n Matt is made from whole pieces of timber rather than off cuts meaning the finished product are always well fitted and high quality.

Do you have a Dunster House Climbing Frame or Playsystem, share your pictures below. Alternatively, if you have any questions feel free to ask J

February 24, 2015

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