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Hot Tub with Dunster House Gazebo

I don’t have a bath in my flat. I know it seems like a little thing as I do have a shower, but it makes a big difference to someone whose favourite pastime is sinking into a long, hot bath and letting all their stress and muscle pain simply melt away. A shower doesn’t quite cut it, I mean, who wants to relax standing up?!? I have always associated hot tubs with grandeur. Luxuries saved for hotels with picturesque views and sky-high prices, all of which was out of my price range. Imagine my surprise when I started working at Dunster House and saw that they sold Hot Tubs that were just over £1,000 (the cheapest in our range is £1,341.99).

The Hot Tub is delivered to you untreated but requires retreatment for longevity. The reason we do not pressure treat our Hot Tubs is so you can customise your Hot Tub to suit your own style or design.  The steps attached to the Hot Tub makes entering and exiting the 3’ 3” Hot Tub easy, simply step over the edge and sink into the waiting hot water, it even comes with a banister to help stabilise yourself. Whether you choose to soak alone, with your partner or with a group of friends, our Hot Tub comfortably seats six.

So, how do you power a Hot Tub without any power? With fire of course! Connected to the Hot Tub is a wood burning stove heater. Painted with heat resistant paint, the stove can reach up to 600 degrees and can heat the Hot Tub in 1-4 hours. In addition to creating an eco friendly place to relax, the stove doubles as a STOVE with a hot plate and stainless steel pot, allowing you to cook while the Hot Tub is heating. Invite your friends round for an evening STOVE with good wine, food and company for a few hours while the Hot Tub heats up. Your friends will leave for the evening, allowing you and your partner to finish the night off with a sink in the tub.

Once the Hot Tub has heated up, your guests have gone home, kids have gone to bed and you have sunk into the Hot Tub, the last thing you are going to want to do is have to get out into the brisk cold weather. To stop you having to get out of the Hot Tub for frequent drink refills, our Hot Tubs come with drink holders which fit both champagne and wine glasses along with the bottle so you can sink down and enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple.

Soaking into a hot tub is all well and good during dry evenings but, if I’m honest, how often do you get evenings free from the occasional rainfall? Our Hot Tub and Gazebo Combo yet again, provides you with the solution. Combining strength and beauty, the Hot Tub is protected by a Utopia Gazebo, letting you maximise the use of your Hot Tub come rain or shine. Finished off with high grade bitumen shingles, the sturdy 70mm x 70mm posts create a strong, sturdy Gazebo that won’t blow away at the first sign of strong winds.

While you’re waiting for the Hot Tub to heat up, or have finished with it, simply close over the wooden lid in order to keep the debris out. When you’re ready to change the water within the Hot Tub, the floor drain allows you to attach a hose and dispose of the water down a storm drain or to use it to water your own garden (the water is fine for garden plants but not vegetable gardens).

With more responsibility put on us daily and very little downtime to enjoy, we need to maximise it to its full effect. You can occasionally disappear for the weekend, spending a lot of money for each trip, or you can turn your garden into a spa retreat where you can relax whenever it’s needed.
Please note: When you initially set up the Hot Tub, it will leak. Don’t worry though, it’s meant too. It will take some time but the water will eventually soak into the wood, expanding to fit each other snugly.

July 22, 2015

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