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Here at Dunster House, we are proud to produce a range of humanitarian products. We are aware of the suffering that is experienced in countries that are less well-off then we are, some of which could be solved through companies, such as ourselves, coming up with innovative designs to provide a more permanent solution to an ongoing problem.

Tools for Self Reliance

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Supporting charities such as Tools for Self Reliance is a step in the right direction. The Hampshire based charity promotes self reliance in African Countries such as Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zambia with the aim of supporting people who want to work themselves out of poverty, to provide for their families and create a better life. This is done by taking old tools, donated by members of the public, bringing them back to life and sending them to Africa to be distributed. We donate a number of tools from our factories and install team to help them, along with a little help financially.

Urine Diversion System


Slide-119th November 2012 marked World Toilet Day, and the launch of our Urine diversion system. The system provides a hygienic sanitary solution in which solid and liquids are kept apart.  Known as a dehydration toilet, these provide users with the opportunity to recycle their waste and use it as a fertilizer or even fuel.  Urine is high in nitrogen and phosphorus, nutrients that are a valuable fertilizer supplement for growing plants, by adding a waste pipe to the front section of the toilet; we are able to distribute the urine into a container kept outside the building. Without the need for water, the composting toilets offer a sustainable solution for many locations where sewer and water connection is unavailable.

Outdoor Kitchen

4,000 children die a day through bad hygiene and sanitation. We have designed the Outdoor Kitchen with this heartbr5smalleaking number at the forefront of our minds. Despite being called an ‘Outdoor Kitchen’, this has been specially designed to be used for a variety of applications such as a kitchen stove, shower, toilet, storage and many more. With a gap at the top and the bottom to allow a through flow of air and a curtain to keep privacy intact, this could help so many countries in need.  The optional extra of a water butt allows for any rainfall to be captured and reused in times of need.


4842_post_thumbNatural disasters are a way of life. Tsunamis, floods, fires and earthquakes seem to be reported all the time and with devastating effects to the town. We have designed an interim housing solution for these disasters that can leave millions without a home. The Teemore can house a family of up to 6 people, 10 if extended. It can also be used as a medical centre of school. Once they have been used, they can be dismantled and rebuilt in another area. These high quality houses present a sense of normality to those whose lives have been turned upside down. They can continue their days without the stress of trying to find a home to live in.

Emergency Sanitation


When a natural disaster strikes multiple facilities are at risk; electrics, water, gas and sanitation. There is nowhere for your waste to go leading to more serious issues that can prove fatal. We don’t want anyone to be in that situation, and with today’s technology, why should they? We have come up with a range of Latrines that can store up to 1000 litres of waste. They can easily be disposed off via vacuum truck or hand pump if need be. One of our ranges are raised so that they can be used when a urban area has a high water table. This means people can keep their privacy, hygiene and health intact while they rebuild their lives.

Emergency Sanitation Lighting


solarlightingWe also provide Emergency Sanitation Lighting. This is a 12v Off Grid Solar PV Lighting. It offers an eco friendly way of lighting the toilets at night. We appreciate that blackouts can be scary, often making people question their security, we want to help as much as we can. This system has been designed to prevent damage or unauthorized access and can be easily set up.

July 16, 2014

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