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Rabbitopia Dunster House
Rabbitopia Dunster House

Camp Nibbles sent this fantastic collage to us! We love that the special needs rabbit have a dedicated home!

When we launched the Rabbitopia, we didn’t just want to create a product to generate more revenue. We wanted to make a change. We wanted to stop rabbits everywhere from unfair treatment. Sold in shops to people who may not understand the full responsibilities of owning a pair of rabbits. As they should never live alone. Placed in rabbit hutches that were much too small for them and live sad lives.

A Just Rabbit Accommodation

We wanted to create rabbit accommodation that would give rabbit’s adequate space to move around and explore. Whilst remaining safe from predators. We knew that the cost would be more than those available in shops but frankly. A vast majority of those hutches are not suitable for a rabbit to live in!

We knew it would be a challenge. It’s always scary to step outside of your comfort zone, but we had a passionate and enthusiastic bunny lover leading the project. After a year of hardwork, meetings, designs and prototypes, the Rabbitopia was finally finished.

Rabbitopia Dunster House

The Rabbit Residence Rescue hadn’t quite finished building theirs when we checked. They’re so close!

Now, you’ll know through reading the previous posts about the technical aspects of the Rabbitopia: the galvanised mesh, storage and interaction shed, SkyDen, vantage point and seating area amongst others but did you know that we donated a few Rabbitopia’s to rabbit welfare charities in a bid to help them rehome the abundance of rescue rabbits that are adopted daily? We have donated 4 Rabbitopias to the Rabbit Residence Rescue, 1 Rabbitopia to the RWAF and 1 Rabbitopia to Camp Nibble.

By donating these Rabbitopia’s to these outstanding charities, we can not only improve the life of the rabbits but it also gives potential adoptees a chance to see what sort of space and environment rabbits need to have a truly happy life.

On their website, Camp Nibble informs everyone that their Rabbitopia is going to be used for a wonderful purpose:

We are extremely grateful to Dunster House for donating a wonderful 2m x 2m Rabbitopia to us here at Camp Nibble for our special needs rabbits to enjoy”

We hope to continue to work closely with these charities in their mission to educate rabbit owners and improve the life of rabbits.


March 11, 2015

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