Murphy Stove: The ultimate summer accessory!

Murphy Stove Dunster House

The Murphy BBQ stove is the ultimate accessory to any garden. Relax in the warm summer evenings with your friends while the aroma of cooking food fills the air. Or brighten up the dull winter months with a winter BBQ, a gazebo with fairy lights and the heat coming off of the BBQ stove keeping you warm – perfect!

Murphy Stove Dunster HouseFor the BBQ lover; the Murphy MK2 BBQ comes with a grill plate, hot plate and stainless steel cooking pot, meaning you can grill, stew and griddle your food. It really is like a kitchen in your garden! Not only is this BBQ stove practical, it is flexible, fun and simple to use. Just light it up, choose your preferred cooking method, and become a culinary genius in the confines of your own garden. Everything fits inside for ease of transport, with the cooking pot able to be fitted in flush for better heat retention/cooking.




Accessories are everything:

We know that BBQ parties have evolved past simply grilling burgers and sausages, serving with a little salad and sitting around talking whilst eating luke warm food. Choose any, or all, of the below accessories and you will be the talk of the town.


Murphy Stove Pizza Oven Dunster HousePizza Oven: Cooking outdoors is the perfect excuse to have a garden party; to entertain family and friends and make the most out of the warm summer months. The pizza oven attachment will make your BBQ party an event. The pizza oven can cook two average sized pizzas in just 15 minutes at 160 degrees Celsius. You don’t just have to cook pizza, with the oven attachment being 430mm wide and 650mm high, you can bake and roast food, meaning bread, baked potatoes and roast chicken can easily be added on the menu.



Murphy Stove Dunster HouseSmoker Oven: Entertain your guests in a more ‘old fashioned’ way by smoking meat, fish and joints with the smoker oven attachment. The 400mm high horizontal oven is easily attached to the flue of your Murphy BBQ Stove MK2.  Smoking food takes longer than grilling, meaning you can spend more time partying whilst your food cooks.





Murphy Stove Paella Dunster HousePaella Dish: If you want an exotic twist to your party then the paella dish attachment is for you. Sitting on top of your BBQ stove, the paella cooking plate will allow you to cook anything you would in a normal frying pan. Show off by cooking a stir fry in front of your friends, fry the onions for the traditional BBQ food or simply show off your culinary skills, the possibilities are endless.



August 7, 2014

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