Host your own Commonwealth games

Commonwealth Game Dunster House

If there was ever a year to get your children involved in sports, this would be it. We have seen Wimbledon, World Cup, Tour de France and now the Commonwealth games have started. For the next 10 days, 4,500 athletes will complete to be the best in their category.

We understand that it might not be easy to get your children interested in watching the event but what if you made it interactive. With our playsystems and climbing frames, you can make your garden into your very own commonwealth stadium.

Let your child train to be the next Gymnastics athlete with our trapeze attachment. Sit back and relax as they enjoy the challenge of designing a routine to show off to you. Encourage a little competition between your children by giving them both 10 minutes to come up with a routine that they have to perform in front of the judges (you and dad).

Commonwealth Game Dunster House

Awaken the athletic champion within them by setting a course over the playsystem and climbing frames. Give them a practice trial before the game begins and see who is the fastest at the end. To make it additionally tough, apply the rules of our earlier obstacle course climbing frame  post.

An inflatable ball is all it takes to create your netball arena. The monkey bars that come with the playsystem will create the perfect ‘hoops’ for the ball to go in. With paper and pen, create signs that show’s different points for separate ‘hoops’ and watch them play until they reach a limit (i.e first one to 100) or until you tire them out. Get the whole family involved to really make it a competition.

Buy a cheap children’s bowling set to play lawn bowls, although we have seen a very tempting gnome bowling game. They can play in teams, or singularly, to see who gets the most points. Make it more educational by asking them a general knowledge question before they are allowed to bowl, the questions can be as simple or difficult as the host makes them.

Of course no Commonwealth Games would be complete without a medal presentation and awards ceremony so dust off the karaoke machine and sing your heart out before handing out awards to the winner.

July 26, 2014

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