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Hot Tub Dunster House

Just imagine it. Coming home from work, grabbing the bottle of wine or beer you had chilling in the fridge, stepping into the garden and sinking under the warm bubbles of your very own hot tub. Sounds too good to be true, especially for a product you will commonly use in the summer season which, in the UK normally lasts about a week. Our Hot Tub and Gazebo Combo eliminates the uncertainty of the weather because, whether it’s raining or a blissfully hot day, you’re given shelter.

You can buy the Hot Tub and Utopia Gazebo (or any of our Gazebos, perhaps the Erin Gazebo) separately if you choose to but we thought this combination was so perfect that we just had to pair them together. You can see they look good but, in the case of Garden Buildings, looks aren’t everything. You need something that is going to last without deteriorating and becoming an eyesore in the corner of your garden. We’re going to break this combination up for this blog so we can tell you a little more about their fantastic features.

Hot tub with Utopia Gazebo Dunster House

Hot Tub
Your eyes can not help but be drawn to the Hot Tub in this combination, the slow grown spruce just makes it look so fantastic. This is more than just a Hot Tub. It has a unique Dunster House twist that lets you cook whilst you relax (more about that later). The circular structure consists of a significant 28mm floor and 45mm walls, both consisting of slow grown spruce timber so you can step into your Hot Tub without fear before settling down on one of the two benches we supply.

Around the Hot Tub are three steel rings which help keep the timber together as it swells after the first use. As we use timber which is cut to size and planed before being delivered to you, you don’t need to worry about glued offcut pieces but rather full lengths of timber giving you a very strong, very sturdy Hot Tub that will keep the water in and the stresses out. When you’re away from the Hot Tub simply place the wooden lid, which has been designed to snugly fit, on top of the Hot Tub to keep heat in, debris out or stop children falling in (the steps we give you are easy to climb)

You may be looking at the Hot Tub and thinking ‘…but how do I power it? I’ll need somewhere with electricity’. Our Hot Tub isn’t powered with electricity, which would be costly, but instead with the energy efficient Wood Burning Stove. Fuelled by dry hardwood, the Hot Tub won’t add anything to your household bills so you can relax knowing that it is not costing you anything and you’re doing your bit to reduce your outgoings. Positioned just above 0.5 metres away from the Hot Tub, the stove not only gives out plenty of heat to keep you warm but also comes with the option to add a 20 litre stainless steel cooking pot. It may seem strange but, when you really think about it, it makes perfect sense. You can cook a meal in the cooking pot, letting your food cook as you relax so you don’t worry about making dinner when you get out or you could heat up drinks (sangria, hot chocolate, mulled wine etc.) to keep you going whilst you are relaxing. If you opt for your Hot Tub without a cooking pot, your BBQ stove has a solid top as standard.

Hot Tub Dunster House

We don’t want you having to interrupt your relaxing session for any reason and we also don’t want you to miss out on enjoying a cool drink because you knocked it off the edge of the Hot Tub (see, we think of everything). Your Hot Tub comes with glass holders which are perfect for holding two champagne or wine glasses with enough room for a bucket to keep the bottle perfectly chilled – the ultimate space for entertaining friends or for romantic evenings with your partner.

If you’re going to invest in a Hot Tub, you want to ensure that you get to use it when you want. This is a promise we could never fully make as, honestly, the UK weather is so sporadic lately that you’re never truly sure what to expect. However, by choosing our Utopia Gazebo, you greatly improve your chances.

The 70mm x 70mm timber uprights, which are further supported with extra timber braces, ensure the Gazebo doesn’t move dangerously when the wind picks up. On top of these strong uprights is a 15mm thick roof to keep the rain or snow off of you while you are relaxing – no sporadic weather is going to force you inside.

Hot Tub Dunster House Utopia Gazebo Ideas

All of the Spruce used within the 7’ 10” Utopia Gazebo is pressure treated, a must have to any timber that is going to be continually exposed to damp and moisture. The treatment process forces non toxic, arsenic free, copper chrome treatment deep within the Spruce protecting it from rot and fungal decay. This not only saves you time on annually retreating it but prevents rot from creating weaknesses or holes that could affect the level of protection the Gazebo provides. To learn more about the Utopia Gazebo, especially our customiseable options, visit our previous blog post.

If you want a space that actively encourages you to relax and unwind at the end of a long day, reducing your stress levels and helping your wellbeing, then this is a must have for any garden. To find out more regarding the Hot Tub and Gazebo combination, visit our website or give our sales team a call on 01234 272 445.

July 26, 2016

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