Hot Tub holidays

Hot Tub in the garden

Do you wish you owned your own Hot Tub? I know that I do. They’re a hallmark of luxury and relaxation, and we usually only get the chance to use them on holiday. Let’s look at a couple of the factors which might put you off acquiring the Hot Tub of your dreams.

Hot Tub in the gardenExpensive

Even after the initial payment for the Hot Tub, most Hot Tubs or spas need to be heated up using electricity.  As well as the actual electricity, you mayalso need to shell out for cabling. Obviously this is an additional outlay and an unwanted drain on your income. A Dunster House Hot Tub is heated by a wood-burning stove. Thus it won’t add anything to your household bills. You can lie there in the warm knowing that you’re doing your bit to reduce your outgoings. By using less electricity. It’s a win-win situation!


Hot Tub with gazebo in the garden
Britain isn’t exactly a country known for its stunning weather. No-one wants to get rained on in their swimming costume, do they? Of course, no-one wants to be outside when the weather’s doing one of its “Yes I know it’s July but here’s three days of torrential rain” tantrums, but what about those short, warm summer showers? It would be a shame to have to rush inside just to avoid getting wet for a bit.

Our range of wooden Gazebos are ideal for your Hot Tub, size permitting of course, providing you with shelter but to make life easier we offer a special combination: the Hot Tub and Gazebo Combo. Our Hot Tub fits perfectly under the Utopia 200 Gazebo which also benefits from a tall walkthrough height to ensure that the more vertically-blessed among you don’t bang your head upon (finally) climbing out. It is fully pressure treated, and has extra strong posts for peace of mind when the night gets a little windy!

Hot Tub with Erin Gazebo Dunster House

For those of you who enjoy the cozy feeling of sitting and listening to the pitter-patter of raindrops, I would definitely recommend our new Erin Gazebo. This Gazebo has a unique Perspex dome through which you can see the sky. And hear those raindrops!. You can also customise it. Allowing you to add a combination of wall options: anything from no walls, solid timber walls or half timber/half louvre walls. The choice is yours, it’s all down to your personal preference. You can also opt for a bar with your Erin Gazebo, which leads me nicely into another perk of our Hot Tubs ….


Hot Tub in the gardenDrinks, nibbles, and full-blown meals!

The stove comes with a solid top, and option of adding a 20 litre stainless steel cooking pot. Letting you cook a meal while waiting the 1-4 hours it takes for the Hot Tub to heat up. In order to keep the heat in, and debris out, while you are waiting the Hot Tub comes with a wooden lid that fits snuggly.

“Glass of bubbly, madam?” Suddenly it feels like you’re on holiday again!

Treat yourself. You know you want to.

July 31, 2015

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