Hot Tubs bring the heat in!

Hot tubs Dunster House

Life can be stressful as you try to juggle the school run, work, relationships, exercise, shopping, projects, dropping kids off at extracurricular classes and trying to run a house. Phew! I am exhausted just thinking about it.  Why not take some time out to simply pamper yourself with our 1.3m, 1.6m or 1.9m Hot Tub? You won’t regret it as you sink into the hot water and feel your stresses simply melt away. The Wood Burning BBQ Stove that economically heats the water gives you the opportunity to cook whilst you are relaxing. That’s one thing knocked off of your daily to do list!

Hot tubs Dunster HouseThe modern looking Hot Tub floor is made out of thick, sturdy 28mm timber boards ensuring that you have a solid base to step onto before taking your seat on our sturdy benches. The 45mm thick timber walls, with metal banding, will ensure the Hot Tub keeps its rigidity for years to come. In between uses or while you are waiting for your hot tub to heat up, why not place the solid wooden top on it. It ensures that any debris (falling leaves, twigs etc) is kept out.

Cost Effective

A Hot Tub is not only great on your muscles. It’s also good on your bank balance too as it heats up by our energy efficient Wood Burning Stove. Fuelled by dry hardwoods, this is positioned 0.5 metres away from the Hot Tub and takes between one and three hours to fully warm the water inside the Hot Tub.

This gives you enough time to finish all  essential household tasks. That way you can truly unwind once you’re inside the Hot Tub. Free from daily stresses of maintaining a house. You can choose to have a 20 litre stainless steel cooking pot with it. The solid top that comes with it is ideal for cooking food. Such as bacon and eggs but for those who prefer to cook stews, soups or chills the stainless steel cooking pot is a must!

Opt for a getaway

Hot tubs Dunster House

The smallest Hot Tub comfortably seats up to four people, and the largest up to eight! So you can spend time with friends, family or have a romantic night with your loved one.

The wine glass holders that sit on the side of your Hot Tub ensure your favourite drink is always close at hand. Luckily at a  reduced risk of ending up on the floor. If you accidentally knock it.  The benches are from the same strong timber as the rest of the Hot Tub. So you will be able to sit comfortably.

Gazebo/Hot Tub Combo

If you live in an exposed area and would like a little bit of privacy, opt for our Hot Tub and Gazebo Combo. You can purchase both a Utopia Gazebo and a Hot Tub for £1,720.99. The Utopia Gazebo will provide you with shelter from the elements. Made with 70mm x 70mm thick timber posts and finished with 15mm Shiplap roof panels, this Gazebo will last as long as the Hot Tub it protects.

Our website features safety requirements, maintenance, health benefits and all of the specifications that you may want to know about. If you have any questions, feel free to call our sales team on 01234 272 445 who will be happy to answer the best that they can.


Hot tubs Dunster House

January 15, 2015

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