How to entertain your children during the festive period

Children Presents below the christmas tree

‘I’m bored’…is the common cry from children over the festive period. Keeping them entertained is a struggle, especially during the busiest time of the year. Christmas day is a special occasion for everyone but for the children it means a lot to them, the anticipation of a magical day is what they look forward to most. But once the excitement has died down after Boxing Day, you might find yourself tearing your hair out, trying to find ways to entertain the kids until they go back to school in January. The good news is, we’ve got some handy tips to keep them busy.

It often feels like we do nothing but eat, drink and eat some more over Christmas. So why not dig out your wellies and waterproofs and take a walk with the kids in the countryside to start burning off those extra calories and stave off cabin fever. Instead of being glued to the television or games console, get the whole family out and enjoy a walk, you never know…you might find yourself on route to the pub!

Many of us take for granted where we live, but by doing a bit of research you will be able to find all sorts of events taking place over the Christmas holidays that you can visit for free or for a small fee. Every city will be full of free events – so take some time to find out what’s going on near you and you will be able to keep your kids busy for next to nothing!

Children in the fairBaking with children

Kids love baking so why not encourage them to get weighing and measuring and make some cakes, brownies, or flapjacks. You can buy all sorts of cheap edible decorations, allowing them to create a work of art. While it might not do your waistline any good it’s not New Year yet, so the resolutions can wait! Plus, you can always walk it off!

Post-Christmas day sees many homes full of discarded boxes, cardboard and wrapping paper. So, do your bit for the environment and use them to get creative by spending an afternoon making something with the kids.

There are many great websites for children and a huge library of craft options that are perfect to make on a rainy day. For example, you could make puppets, box dolls or an alien costume just by following one of the on-site videos with their step-by-step instructions. It may be a little bit messy but, it allows your children to be creative and will keep them occupied for a while!

Board Games

Of course, last but not least, it wouldn’t be Christmas without playing some board or card games. Monopoly, Pictionary, Uno are just a few favourites that the whole family can enjoy. Puzzles, drawing and jigsaws are also great to help your children problem solve and create something they are proud of.

December 23, 2016

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