How To Get Your Garden Ready For Summer

Summer Garden with Gazebo and Summerhouse

Summer is fast approaching (thank goodness for that!). This means that soon you will be able to enjoy spending time as a family in the garden and soaking up the sun. You can fully maximise the time spent outside, so it’s worth looking at getting your garden ready for fun and games for the little ones.

Summer clean:

After months of neglect and being starved of sunshine, your garden will be needing a much-needed tidy up. It is important to do a very thorough job by clearing away any debris including dead sticks, leaves and any rubbish that may have appeared. If you have a Greenhouse, it will need a good wash too. Clean the floor, benches and the inside of the glass to kill pests and diseases. It’s very important to start with a clean canvas so it may take a while. It is essential when preparing for warmer months.

Summer clean for Greenahouses

Social Area

Now that the garden is looking more inviting, you will want to set up an area where you can socialise and relax. There is nothing better than lounging in the garden under a stunning Gazebo and watching the kids play on a Climbing Frame on a warm summer’s day. Summer means it is the start of the social season. So inviting your friends and family round for a BBQ is a must!

Gazebo with garden furniture


Decorating isn’t just for indoors. Perhaps you’ve got room for a Shed, Summerhouse or Log Cabin – somewhere to decamp on long hot days. Create a designated al fresco dining space with a Gazebo for shelter (just in case the weather takes a turn for the worst!). Put up some fairy lights to ensure you can use your garden long into the evening.

Don’t forget the wildlife!

Visiting wildlife brings interest to a garden. It’s easy to entice them in – birds, insects, frogs and toads. Make your garden a welcoming haven; provide food and water stations and places to shelter, nest and spawn. Nectar-rich flowers are loved by all sorts of critters. You’ll soon be rewarded with the buzz of bees, the song of blackbirds and robins, colourful finches and butterflies flitting about.

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June 7, 2017

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