Images, Images, Images! Why they’re so important?

Images Log Cabin Dunster House Thatched Gazebo

Why do we constantly share images, and encourage you to share yours? Its simple. Purchasing a Garden Building is a big decision, whether you’re buying a Shed, Greenhouse or Log Cabin or Garden Office. It’s an expensive luxury that will add value to your home and lifestyle as well as improve your garden.

We feel that the best way customers can get an idea of how they’re going to use their garden building, how it’ll be decorated externally as well as internally is by looking at what others have done with our products. Browsing images of how others positioned their garden buildings, will spark ideas and inspiration. This is why we have an extensive customer images gallery and regularly post photos not just here on our blog but also on our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter profiles as well as our Pinterest boards.

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Your photos will help others make the right choice when purchasing a garden building. If you would like to have your photos used in our promotional material, please email your photos to


Images Log Cabin Dunster House

Images Log Cabin Dunster House

January 6, 2014

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