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TruggyWug Dunster House

It can be difficult, for a number of reasons, to transform your garden into a haven. Perhaps it’s too painful for you to spend your days turning over soil ready for flower beds, perhaps the cost of all the soil, mulch and equipment you’ll need is way too high or perhaps – like me – you have a small terraced area rather than a garden.  Whatever your reasons are, we’ve found you an easier, more cost effective solution that will make gardening simple. The TruggyWug MKII.

At just W0.7m x D2.0m, the TruggyWug MKII is the perfect size for terraces and balconies as well as larger gardens. You wouldn’t guess by looking at it but the 0.42kg planting depth gives you more freedom over what you plant than the entirety of your garden space. Commonly, in domestic gardens, you will find one type of soil: clay, sandy, silt, loams, peat and chalky soils[1]. These types of soil dictate what will thrive in your garden and what will wilt, this can make it particularly difficult to grow your favourite plants. The TruggyWug MKII can be filled with the soil of your choice (if you opt for multiple, you could put different soils in each), meaning that no plant, fruit or vegetable is off limits. Preparing your soil for planting will be a breeze as it is a lot easier to turn over 0.42kg of soil rather than an entire garden. You can spend time really tending to your plants, ensuring no bugs are eating away at them and giving them the best environment to grow. Two platforms, one positioned on either side, act as trays for your tools so you don’t have to repeatedly bend down to get watering cans, seeds, plants, trowels or anything else you may need.

TruggyWug Dunster House

The TruggyWug MKII has been designed to make gardening a breeze and ensure that those with mobility restrictions or who suffer with bad backs or knees can still have a wonderful garden. The height of our TruggyWug MKII is intentionally specific, making it easier for wheel chair users to use. Tennyson Wharf Care Home experienced the benefit of this feature when they installed our TruggyWug onto the terrace:

I am very happy with the TruggyWug MKII that I’ve bought from you. It was very easy to build and all of our residents, relatives, staff and visitors loved the effect it has given to our courtyard. The height of it makes also perfect for people in wheelchairs as it encourages them to joining in planting. Thanking you so much for such a wonderful and useful product that I am happy to recommend to any of my colleagues and friends.


Being in your garden, your TruggyWug MKII will be exposed to a variety of elements, often in a single day. In order for it to keep its high quality, the TruggyWug MKII has been pressure treated. This process forces non toxic, arsenic free, copper chrome treatment deep within the timber and protects it against rot and fungal decay. This protection means you don’t need to treat it annually or worry about chemicals in the treatment damaging your plants (I know, I researched it here).

TruggyWug Dunster House

In a world of fast food, supermarkets and convenience, many children don’t really know where there food comes from or the work that goes into growing it. Turning your TruggyWug MKII into an allotment, like Pat did, encourages your children to get involved in the garden as well as educating them about their health and nutrition. I know from my niece and nephew that they will become very excited when it’s time to harvest the food they’ve grown! To order one of these brilliant garden structures today, and inject life and colour into your garden again, visit our website (direct link to TruggyWug MKII product page here) or call our sales team on 01234 272 445. Alternatively, if you’d prefer, you could fill in a request form and one of our team will get back to you as soon as they can.



August 9, 2016

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