Warm in the winter, cool in the summer!


A lot of you have been using our social media pages to query how we keep our Log Cabins warm throughout the winter. We don’t want you to worry about not being able to use your Garden Building for six months of the year which is why I thought I would use our blog to put your mind at ease by explaining how our Garden Buildings are designed for use all year round.


Our Premium Log Cabins come with 19mm thick timber, with the choice to upgrade to 28mm. However, if you choose our PremiumPlus Log Cabins you can choose between three additional sizes: 28mm, 45mm, 130mm and, in the case of Vanguards, 145mm thickness. We will always advise that you choose the thickest wall that your budget can allow for the best possible insulation however, as all of our wall thicknesses offer insulation, we give you detailed U-Values to help you make an informed decision. For those unfamiliar with this term, U-Value measures the heat lost through various building materials such as the wall, floor and roof (to learn more about U-Values, click here). The lower the U Value, the better the insulation, which is why we are so proud of our numbers which are incredibly low:
19mm walls – U Value of 3.16 W/m² K

28mm walls –
These are almost 50% bigger than our 19mm walls and have a U Value of 2.59 W/m² K

45mm walls –
These contain more wood than our 28mm wall, ideal for using all year round. These hold a U Value of 1.93 W/m² K.

130mm – These consist of two 28mm thick walls that are not connected (this helps as timber expands and contracts throughout the year) and they have a 74mm air gap in between which you can fill with polyurethane insulation. Without insulation, the 130mm thick cabin has a U Value of 1.28 W/m² K and, if you opt for our polyurethane insulation, the U Value is an impressive 0.29 W/m² K.

145mm – The 145mm consists of two 45mm thick walls, that are not connected, with an 55mm air gap between which you can choose to insulate with our polyurethane insulation. Without insulation, the 145mm thick cabin has a U Value of 1.09 W/m² K which drops drastically to 0.28 W/m² K with the addition of our polyurethane insulation.


We use real Slow Grown Spruce timber in our Garden Buildings instead of cheaper alternatives like OSB board or other materials that may make your floor unstable. Regardless of whether you choose a 19mm or 28mm floor, these consist of timber panels that interlock seamlessly creating a level, stable floor. The floor boards are fixed to thick bearers creating a solid foundation for your building – these are pressure treated against rot and fungal decay, a must for something that will have prolonged exposure to wet or damp conditions. The floor bearers raise your cabin off of the floor eliminating the risk of damp rising up and ruining the floor of your Log Cabin.

When you purchase your Log Cabin, we give you the option to choose both whether you want a floor at all and what thickness of floor. Further to this, if you have a PremiumPlus Cabin, you can choose to add 25mm thick polyurethane which can be fitted between the floor bearers of your cabin. These are cut to size and placed into specially designed clips before resting it on the bearers. This simple addition lowers your U Value from 2.81 W/m² K down to 0.77 W/m² K.


Around 70% of heat will be lost through the roof of your Log Cabin. We use 19mm planned timber for our roofs that slot together seamlessly creating a weatherproof finish to your Log Cabin.

Our roof insulation is made with double skinned polyurethane bonded to an MFP external top layer giving the roof a thickness of nearly 55mm (and a U Value of 0.67 W/m² K). This insulation is placed on top of the roof boards so; whatever roofing you choose (shingles or felt) will be laid on the MFP board meaning the interior of your Log Cabin keeps its high quality interior finish.


Your Log Cabin will come with 4mm thick toughened glass as standard making it resistant to scratches and breaks but, with our Premium and PremiumPlus range, you have the option to upgrade to double glazed windows. For Premium Log Cabins, the double glazing option is a 14mm thick sealed unit consisting of 4mm toughened glass, a 6mm spacer and more 4mm thick toughened glass – which is tested to EN1279 standards. With our PremiumPlus range we offer a 24mm thick sealed unit which, again, has two 4mm toughened glass panes but with a 16mm spacer in between. Both options are great for insulating your Log Cabin against the night time chill.

As you will now know, we not only design our Log Cabins to remain warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but we also give you the option to add further insulation if you want to. Throughout our website you will also find blue ‘info’ buttons in the top left hand corner of the customisation option (pictured below). Simply click on this for further information.


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