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Insulation Log Cabin Dunster House

It is easy to push the idea of a Garden Building to the back of your mind. Especially when you are de-icing your car or walking tentatively to avoid slipping on the road.   Our Garden Buildings were designed for all year round use. So we pay special attention to details such as the storm braces. They help protect your cabin against strong winds by attaching the upper wall logs to the lower wall logs. Thus making it much harder for the wind to lift the cabin. They are designed with grooves which allow the wood to expand and contract naturally. A necessity to maintain the high quality longevity.

We also offer insulation on your walls, roof and floor. Our closed cell polyurethane insulation will help protect you from paying high heating bills. We also give you the opportunity to have your windows double glazed. Another major factor in retaining heat.

The insulation that we use keeps the chill out during the winter but also keeps you cool during spring and summer.  The Polyurethane insulation that we use is also used by NASA. They use  to protect and insulate the external fuel tank of their space shuttle. Due to its capability of keeping the fuel tank at -423 Fahrenheit.

We don’t use it for that reason, but simply because it is the best insulator.  Due to its dense foam and closed cell formation, Polyurethane easily outperforms our competitors mineral wool or polystyrene. It  offers a further layer of insulation, and sits flush against the walls of your Cabin or Office. Thus, they are not an afterthought. They are part of the design that easily fits and works well with the rest of the building.

Insulation Log Cabin Dunster House

The triple therm insulation fills the 70mm air cavity with our insulation! Perfect for those chilli evenings

Dual and Triple Therm

Both our Dual and Triple-Therm option offers you a Cabin within a Cabin.  The two timber walls float independently side by side with a 70mm air cavity between them. Whereas the air cavity is left on the Dual Therm option, to provide added insulation all year round, the cavity can be filled by purchasing the Triple Therm which adds  70mm insulation between the walls.

When you receive your Log Cabin, the insulation will be supplied in two ways.  If it is roof insulation (for 19mm thick roof boards only) it will be supplied as panels of 25mm polyurethane sheets which will already be chemically bonded to the MFP boarding, you will simply need to cut it to size around the edge of the building (very quick with a hand saw) and then  screw down through the insulation sheets into the roof boards.

Insulation Log Cabin Dunster House

The insulation needs to be cut to size and fitted in-between the bearers before being secured with our specially made clips.

With our thick roof boards there no need to try to line the screws up with the purlins underneath (which would be very hard as they are hidden from the top), with our system you can simply fix down at any point in the roof to pick up on the thick roof boards.

If you have chosen floor insulation this needs to be trimmed to size to fit between the bearers (again very quick with just a hand saw) and then slot it neatly between the bearers and held in place with clips that are uniquely made by us specifically for this job.


As a Company we have always offered our own Installation Teams to install the products for you, so please choose our excellent installation service if this would suit you best.

Even if we don’t do the installation for you the fact that we directly employ our own installers still hugely benefits our DIY customers as it means we have had a lot of direct experience of fitting our own products and over the years we have refined our designs to make installation as straight forward as possible.

Both our Garden Office and Rabbitopia have insulation as standard.  If you want a Garden Building that will keep you atmospherically comfortable all year round, then visit or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.  Alternatively, you can always leave a comment in the box below.

January 22, 2015

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