Introducing the Amiri Venetian Pavilion

Pavilion Dunster House

Pavilion Dunster HouseImagine spending warm days sat outside, shaded from the harmful rays of the sun but still feeling the benefits. A cool breeze blowing through the slated roof while you take a sip from an ice cold glass of wine. You will easily forget that you are in your backgarden, feeling more like you are on a tropical island that you don’t ever want to leave.

Stand out from the crowd with our Amiri Venetian Pavilion. Thanks to its stunning slated Venetian style roof, this beautiful Garden Structure will quickly become the focal point of your garden. Allowing both air and light into your selected space, this is ideal for anyone who likes to enjoy their downtime in the fresh air.

The thick, solid timber is pressure treated ensuring that it has a long lifespan and can survive the sometimes harsh conditions of a British ‘summer’.  We have colour added during the Pressure Treatment process so that the final product is a beautiful brown colour. Instead of the green which is common with Pressure Treatment.

Adding to the longevity of our pavilion we provide with hot dipped galvanised steel fixings. This is a far cry from the substandard products available on the market today. The posts can go on concrete, decking and grass. You can place them pretty much anywhere.

Pavilion Dunster House

The roof is the real eye-catcher. The slated Venetian style roof leaves you with enough space to get a beautiful view of the sky above. They are close enough together that you are not exposed to the elements. These are self assembly so are quick and easy to build – you could do it in a weekend.

This easy to assemble Garden Structure will fit in everywhere. It  will definitely get your friends talking at your garden party.

February 22, 2015

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