Introducing our Tall Log Cabin

Having a garden gives you a fantastic creative opportunity to turn it into whatever you want it to be. We have seen some spectacular gardens through our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest) and blog so I know how varied, and brilliant, your gardens are. Our latest Log Cabin range, the Tall Log Cabin, has been designed to bring additional beauty and charm to your garden with a high pitched roof.

Tall Log Cabin

The tall roof gives you and your guests even more headroom inside the Log Cabin, meaning even the tallest amongst your guests will be able to comfortably move around without feeling cramped when inside the cabin.  If used for more practical reasons; an office, craft room or even a gym, there is more room for the equipment, tools or furniture you may need.

Tall Log Cabin Dunster House Exterior

The cabins themselves are made with all the same high quality materials as our other Log Cabins. Including timber that fits together with tongue and groove. This gives the timber a tighter fit that is less likely to become dislodged with the natural movement of the timber. On the corners, the Log Cabin has a unique four notch system. Thus it creates a more windproof and watertight Log Cabin. Unlike the 2 notch system commonly available on the market.


The windows in your Tall Log Cabin, like all of our Log Cabins, also feature 4mm toughened glass as standard. This glass is much better that the 3mm horticultural glass commonly sold on the market. As it is much harder to scratch than cheaper plastic alternatives such as styrene, acrylic and Perspex. Also they can easily withstand being hit by a stray football kicked by an overenthusiastic child in your garden.

Tall Log Cabin Dunster House Exterior

At over 2.5m high, you will need planning permission to place the Log Cabin within 2m of a boundary. Such as a fence or wall unlike the majority of our range which is less than 2.5m tall. The easy to use filter on the left hand side of our website allows you to choose between Garden Buildings that are over, or less than, 2.5m depending on your personal preference.

May 14, 2016

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