Inviting you into the Utopia Gazebo!

Utopia Gazebo Dunster House

You loved our Utopia 200 and Utopia 300 so much that we decided to go one better. We have launched the Utopia 630. This double Utopia stands out in your garden for all the right reasons. Due to its pressure treated timber, high quality bitumen shingles and overall elegant design.

Just as eye catching as the other Utopia Gazebos, the roof is fixed on six 70mm x 70mm sturdy posts. These substantial posts ensure that you’ll have a solid structure that can easily withstand the harsh British weather. They also leave you with a tall walkthrough height of approximately 6’ so you, or your guests, are unlikely to bump their heads whilst moving around.

The Utopia Gazebo gives you plenty of space to both relax and entertain guests comfortably. If you live in a particularly windy area and are worried about it interfering with your party then our extensive range may be just the thing for you. You can choose to have the Utopia Gazebo open plan or you can add either half height or full height panels to act as a shield against the elements. If you’d rather have a Gazebo with a view then you could opt for our half-glazed, half timber option which will give you protection from the elements but still allow you to look out on the garden you so lovingly built.

All gardens are different, as are our customer’s tastes, which is why we offer six different types of roofing protection. You can opt for red, green or black glass fibred bitumen shingles. Alternatively, you can add hexagonal shingles, roof felt or super felt to add increased weather protection to your building.
Utopia Gazebo Dunster House

April 10, 2015

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