It’s Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night Murphy Stove Dunster House

Bonfire Night Murphy Stove Dunster House

It’s Bonfire Night, I’m due to receive an assortment of family, friends and neighbours for the festivities. For once I’m in total control.

The Bonfire is prepped and ready to go, the fireworks are all set out. But to be honest this is never really the problem, the problem is trying to feed so many people all at once.

Bonfire night with BBQ

Thankfully a little bit of digging around unearthed a little gem that has made my outdoor cooking a lot easier, The Murphy Stove! This piece of kit has made a lot of my cookery dreams a reality. On a night like this it is unbeatable. I get heat for the patio, I can bake potatoes, cook in the pan, I could smoke meat or bake pizzas, I have so many options! It makes this investment one of my best purchases yet.

I’ve fired the stove up with some nice dry timber and get myself a roaring heat. The spuds are wrapped up in tinfoil and get placed on the integral shelf. After about an hour I shift them into the smoker to keep warm. But the smoke does give a nice bit of flavour.

A pot of flavours cooking together

The cauldron, for lack of better words, then goes directly on top of the stove. It’s up to cooking temperature very quickly and the fun begins. This thing is huge, great for cooking on a party type level. I’ve got 3 kilos of mince, my onions, stock and beans. It doesn’t take long for it to all come together. To make my life easier whilst I’m calling this chilli, I haven’t put any chilli in.  That means the kids and adults who don’t like spicy food can eat it, and for those who want a kick, I’ve always got plenty of hot sauce they can add themselves.

The garden is filled with smell of food cooking and fireworks, and the heat that the stove is giving off makes the patio really warm and cosy, you really can just chill out. As I stir the mince with the big wooden paddle, thankfully it came with the stove I don’t know where I would have found one big enough, I’m feeling very much like the wicked witch. That’s when start thinking that next year we will have to have a Halloween party too!!

November 5, 2011

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