It’s National Allotment Week!

National Allotment Week Dunster House

We’re coming to the end of National Allotment Week, where allotments up and down the country have been inviting members of the public down to experience allotment life with a ‘Party on the Plot.’

The theme for this year’s National Allotment Week has been fruit. Helping the public, and allotment holders, remember that an allotment isn’t just for your Christmas potatoes and Sunday vegetables. An allotment is for so much more! You can grow strawberries, tomatoes, redcurrants, pumpkins, butternut squash, blackberries, apples and so much more.

We’ve picked out two products ideal for your allotment plot, which are great for growing your fruit, vegetables and herbs in.


National Allotment Week Dunster House

The ChunkyWood™ is our raised beds ideal for separating your allotment plot into sections and keeping all of your brassica’s off the ground and away from pesky slugs. Made from 45mm pressure treated timber, the ChunkyWood™ Raised Bed allows for attractive, orderly planning of your allotment. With a range of shapes and sizes, you can create an elaborate plot where you can grow and display your edibles with pride.



National Allotment Week Dunster House

The TruggyWug™ is the perfect place to nurture your plants or allow your children or grandchildren their own miniature plot if they’re regular visitors to the allotment with you. You can show them how to take care of plants by growing lettuce leaves or keeping herbs alive in the TruggyWug™.



For the keen growers we have a wide range of greenhouses available, including the 1.8m x 2.4m Daisiley™ which was recently used on ITV1’s Love Your Garden.

August 8, 2013

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