Stop Jack Frost nipping at your flowers!

Greenhouse Dunster House

Trying to predict the weather is impossible at the moment. Take yesterday for example; in the space of 24 hours we had frost, sun and rain. This doesn’t only make it extremely difficult to work out what clothes I am going to wear from day to day but it is also playing havoc on my garden too.

If too cold, in the cases of frost or low temperatures, your plants can struggle to get water. This can cause wilting and sometimes death in plants as it can cause the cells in plants to freeze and interrupt the pathways for water to flow[i]. Although rain is generally very welcome when it comes to plants, excessive amounts can cause trouble in your garden as it can cause diseases via bacterial pathogens that are fostered by long term moisture[ii]. This, like frost, can cause death to the entire plant if excessive.

Protect your plants in the winter with a greenhouse

Greenhouse frame Dunster HouseSo how do you save your plants from the elements without ripping up your garden? The addition of a Greenhouse to your garden gives control back to you. The Tulipley Greenhouse is a plant growing nirvana that lets your plants thrive in all conditions.

Heavy Duty framework

The heavy duty 70mm x 35mm framework, along with the 16m thick cladding, means this robust Greenhouse will easily be able to withstand even the harshest of elements far better than some of the Greenhouses available on the market today. The pressure treated timber is delivered to you in panels making construction as easy as possible. By pressure treating the timber, you don’t have to worry about annually treating the Greenhouse to protect it against rot and fungal decay – once it’s built; it requires very little maintenance to keep its high quality.

In addition to the pressure treated timber, we use toughened glass throughout our Greenhouse to ensure its strength.  4mm thick toughened glass, rather than the inferior Perspex, Styrene or 3mm horticultural glass available on the market, making it far less likely to break if hit by a stone or stray football.

Toughened Glass

Greenhouse Dunster House

The toughened glass is installed as full panes of glass rather than the overlapping half panels joined with clips which many of our competitors use. These panes of glass are held in place with wooden beading rather than being slot into place whilst building the Greenhouse – by using beading we make it easier to replace single panes of glass in the rare occasion one of them breaks. The alternative is taking the entire roof off of your Greenhouse to replace one, making you spend unnecessary time and increasing the potential of breaking another pane.

Greenhouse opening Skylight Dunster House

This clever way of securing panes of glass in place is also used in the roof whilst also being supported by robust 90mm x 35mm roof beams adding further strength and stability to the Greenhouse.

In addition to the panes of toughened glass, we also give you the options of adding opening skylights and side windows to your Greenhouse to help you control the ventilation and reduce condensation build up within your Greenhouse.


You can choose between manual opening and automatic temperature sensitive opening skylights[iii]  and have the option to add a manual opening side window. If you opt for manual opening skylights and side windows, these are kept in place with a metal arm whereas the automatic temperature sensitive opener which has a cylinderGreenhouse Dunster House full of wax attached which expands and contracts as the wax heats up eliminating the need for you to be there throughout the day.

Entering the Tulipley Greenhouse is an easy task thanks to the extra wide sliding double doors. By sliding, rather than swinging on a hinge, these doors stay in place. Rather than risk them swinging closed when caught by wind. Or knocked about whilst you are transferring flowers and pots to and from the Greenhouse. The extra wide opening gives you ample room to move. You can event fit a wheelbarrow through making the transport of heavy materials easier.

Greenhouse Dunster House FlowersAs we know people use Greenhouses for varied reasons and grow plants of different shapes and sizes, we give you the option to add pressure treated staging. This staging helps raise your plants off of the floor and give them more sunlight to help them grow. If you spill soil or large amounts of water, the slotted staging allows the water to fall through to the floor below.

The staging available is as below:

Free Standing Staging

Greenhouse Dunster House Flower PotsWith a removable lower shelf providing optional storage, you won’t need to worry about simply placing things on the floor underneath your staging. Coming in two lengths, 1.12m and 1.65m, there’s plenty of space to work with when repotting plants or separating seedlings.

Single Fixed Staging

This staging is designed to run along the wall of your greenhouse. With a 220mm width and depth there’s plenty of room to work and grow. The angled 90mm x 20mm timber frames provide ease of access when working on the staging; you won’t be hitting your legs against the frames.

-Double Fixed Staging

 The double staging, like the single staging, allows for plenty of work and storage space. Running parallel along the depth of the greenhouse. The staging can be fixed at variable heights along the walls of your greenhouse.

– All-round Staging

The all-round staging runs along the two side walls and the back wall of the greenhouse. It can be fixed at variable heights along the walls. You’ll have more than enough space to work in your greenhouse when purchasing this option.

Hear more about our fantastic Greenhouse, and its features, from Director Andy Murphy:

To make your garden thrive all year round, order one of our Greenhouses today. This can be done by visiting our website or calling our knowledgeable sales team on 01234 272 445. As always, you can ask any questions below.



[iii] The maximum number of skylights you can have installed are as follows:

  • 1.8m & 2.4m deep Greenhouse – 2
  • 3m, 3.6m & 4.8m deep Greenhouse – 4
  • 6m deep Greenhouse – 8
February 20, 2016

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