June to do list!


It’s June, the sun is shining more often and your garden should be starting to come alive before your eyes. Our Gardening Advice category gives you useful hints, tips and ideas on how to make your garden so breathtaking that the RHS flower show contacts you for inspiration. A bit optimistic I know but you get my point! June is not the time to be resting your feet and soaking up the sun but more for getting your hands dirty. Here’s what you have to do:

Mow your lawn

I know you would have been doing this on a semi regular basis (although maybe you haven’t) but now is the time to really stay on top of it. Dedicate one day a week minimum to maintaining your lawn and stick to it.

Harvest your salad vegetables

There is nothing as tasty as a salad made with home grown, fresh ingredients and vegetables. Such as lettuce, radish, courgettes, early potatoes (those in grow bags or containers) and other vegetables you would typically find in salad should be ready to be picked now. Our TruggyWug’s give you better control over what, and how, you grow your food plus you can place them anywhere!

Plant your summer bedding

Finally, after months of hard work, now is the time to plant your summer bedding and transform your garden. Remember to have fun with your colour choices, garden layout and style. There is little limitation to what you can do.  If you’re stuck for inspiration a quick search on Google, a browse through the DIY projects on our blog or a visit to your local garden centre should incentivise you.

Be water conscious

Although not technically a to-do to keep your garden healthy but we always advise you to be eco conscious when gardening, its why we sell the Eco Guttering Kit. The two 95 litre water butts collect excess rainwater for you to reuse. It can keep your water bills low and ensure that, even in a drought, you’ll never be short of water.

Stake it

For those plants that are not ready to be harvested but are still growing, now is the time to stake them. Take bamboo, thin wood or even aluminium skewers and place them deep into the ground next to the floppy plant. Line this up with the skewer and loosely tie it to keep it upright. It shouldn’t be tied tight enough to damage the plant but should keep the plant upright to help guide it. If you’re unsure of the distance needed, use spacers.

Clean up

This month you’ll see plants getting damaged by bugs, fruit dropping from the trees and weeds are going to grow faster than ever. Now is the time to pay close attention to your garden, plants and make sure that bugs don’t destroy them. Be vigilant and don’t let it get on top of you. Maybe dedicate a day to it like the lawn mowing.

June 7, 2016

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