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Gardening Dunster House

Gardening Dunster HouseGardening is one of the nation’s favourite past times, and is taken for granted by most people. Injuries, disabilities, and health related problems can make gardening difficult. It can take away some of the pleasure, but help is at hand!

Raised beds and planters

Raised beds or planters make gardening easier for people with difficulties bending or kneeling at the right height. These are perfect for wheelchair users as well. A large garden can often be too much hard work to maintain. Planters offer a solution to the problem, creating a small garden that can be placed anywhere.

Dunster House have a selection of planters in varying designs, sizes and heights, depending on your requirements, and the design of your garden. Planters start from as little as £59.
Gardening Dunster HouseIt is important to take frequent breaks from gardening and have an area for relaxing and resting in the shade. We have a wide range of gazebos and arbours that are great for relaxing in between working on flower beds. Also perfect to enjoy the nice weather with friends and family.

Dunster House uses pressure treated timber for protection against rot and infestation, creating quality products that last and keep you enjoying your garden for longer.

For further information on the range of products for people with mobility difficulties, or any other products provided by Dunster House, browse through our website or contact 01234 272 445.


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