Landscaping around a Gazebo

Landscaping around a Gazebo

You send us a lot of pictures of your Garden Buildings and we love to see what you are doing with them. The way in which you design your garden around your garden building to truly show it off is fantastic. We have noticed that Gazebos appear to be standing on their own a lot, with not a lot of landscaping around them.
While we think that it is great that you feel our Gazebos speak for themselves, we want to give you some landscaping idea’s to truly show off your recent purchase.  So how do you decorate your garden to truly show this picturesque garden building off to all whom come to visit?


Ponds are always a beautiful addition to have in any garden. Spend your evenings relaxing with your friends, listening to the water in your pond and seeing dragonflies, frogs and beautiful birds make use of it.
We have shown you how to create a pond previously on our Pinterest page. It takes some manual labour, lining, water and creativity to have a water feature either side of your Gazebo. Remember to make a sloped side within your garden, preferably with rocks, to ensure that any wildlife that accidently fall in can get out.


The easiest suggestion is to border the Gazebos with brightly coloured flowers. However, there are important things to consider. The flowers that you would plant will differ depending on the Gazebo that you purchase. 

If you purchase our Otteridge Gazebo with trellised back than you can plant flowers all around as you will have clear visibility. You could choose to utilize the three trellised panels to grow climbing plants. Relax in your Gazebo with the fragrance of fresh growing flowers fills the air. Be careful that your climbing flowers do not overpower the trellis as it could block the sunshine.
If you choose to purchase our Otteridge Gazebo with a solid back then you will need to utilise the front space. Ensure that you plant small plants that are not too high or thick in growth as it will block out the sun, meaning you are constantly in the shadows.
The final choice of Otteridge Gazebo is the one with no panelised back at all. We would still recommend that you keep your plants at balustrade height so you can see them without straining your neck when you are relaxing. If you want the best of both worlds, you could invest in a TruggyWug which would place the plants at the perfect height for your building.



The power of fairy lights is not to be underestimated.  With battery powered lights available in a multitude of colours, these can add an understated elegance to your gazebo. Perfect for garden parties that have continued into the early evening.

The use of fabric is one normally reserved for special occasions. A simple piece of white, or coloured, silk can give your Gazebo a romanticized feel. Perfect for nights in with your other half where you want a little bit more privacy that the Gazebo will allow.


Do you have any extra tips? Let us know in the comments below?



September 10, 2014

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