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Glamping Cocoons Dunster HouseWe have told you about our Rasa Glamping Pods, the luxury camping option for Companies looking to stand out from the crowd. We don’t want you feeling like you’re left out, unable to have that luxury unless you pay for a holiday. The Glamping Cocoon is the solution to the majority of your camping troubles.

This beautifully simple glamping cocoon is the perfect antidote to the stress of our fast paced modern lifestyles. As the temperatures start to become milder, long hikes through dense woodland, evenings around the bonfire (or Murphy stove) and other adventures you may participate in become much more bearable.  For those of you that go camping to escape the noise of the city, fall offers a much quieter experience as many people have returned home following the summer holidays and, if you are prone to a spot of fishing, the fish are far easier to catch as they are foraging for food so they are closer to the surface.

We have everything you could need to have the ultimate camping experience – none of the bad bits involved!  Imagine waking up fully rested with the sun streaming through your double glazed (optional extra) window. To the sound of bacon and eggs sizzling in a pan. Their beautiful aroma wafting through our unique Solar Air Extractor, as you nurse your piping hot cup of coffee.

Aching muscles will become a thing of the past if you opt for the insulated flooring. Jump up refreshed and open the door to take in the scenery on one of the seats either side. The ever-changing weather won’t be an issue as the decked area has a slight overhang. Therefore, providing you with shelter against the elements.

So take a step away from technology. Leave your phones, laptops, TVs and games consoles at home while you spend time with your loved one in the ultimate ‘staycation’.

November 9, 2014

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