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Outdoor Kiosk Dunster House

I post a lot of blogs, Facebook status’s and Tweets about our Log Cabins, Summerhouses, Climbing Frames, Garden Offices and Gazebos. I am so in awe of the amazing ways you use and decorate them that I forget about our other Garden Buildings – things like our Outdoor Kiosk.

With festivals, fairs, exhibitions and more happening throughout the year, it has never been easier to start a business – just imagine the footfall you would get at festivals such as Glastonbury, Download or Reading. Primarily though, you will need somewhere to sell from.

Outdoor Kiosk

Our W2.2m x D2.1m  Outdoor Kiosk is delivered with preassembled 12.5m timber panels, fixed with bolts, wingnuts and a few screws, for very easy assembly and deconstruction.  We pressure treat all the timber used in the kiosk so it is not only quick to build but is also low maintenance too.

The treatment process forces the preservative deep within the Spruce, protecting the building against rot and fungal decay without the need to annually treat it – we even guarantee it for 10 years against just that! This protection will prove pivotal as your garden is thrown through all the elements that a typical summer throws.

Outdoor Kiosk from Dunster House


The opening front hutch is easy to open and is securable with the slick lock. Keeping your queuing customers shaded from the sun and sheltered from the rain.  At the end of the day, if you’re not packing up and going home but returning the next day, you want to leave your Kiosk safe and secure.

With this in mind we use multiple locks throughout our Kiosk to make sure all entry points remain secure. On the door used for entering and exiting the Kiosk we have two locks. The interior of the Kiosk door has a shoot bolt to fix the door in place while you are inside. When you leave the Kiosk, and want to secure the entry for the night, simply close the metal latch door hasp and padlock (not provided) it in place to stop unwanted visitors.

The hatch uses two slick pin locks to secure the arms in place which double as the locks for the hatch. When you’re finished, you can simply close the latch and slide the slick pins into the two entry points on either side of the hutch door to secure it to the timber frame.

Outdoor Kiosk Door from Dunster House

Made from strong timber, the hatch is great for hanging bunting, signs and even products off of to. They can easily catch potential customers’ eyes. Within seconds, a likely customer will decide whether or not they want to buy your product so your display has to be eye-catching.

Although we do not provide electrics with the Kiosk, a quick call to a local electrician can help you add lighting to your display; clear, coloured or seasonal lights. You could play music; hang electric signs or any other display pieces that will turn those probable customers into returning ones.

Outdoor Kiosk from Dunster HouseInterior

The interior of the Kiosk is as important as the exterior as you’ll spend hours of your day inside. The slanted roof of the Outdoor Kiosk gives you plenty of space (6’ 9”). So, you stand towards the front of the kiosk while talking to customers and closing the sale. Thus, preventing aching muscles and bones caused by being bent over for hours. The bottom of the slanted Kiosk is spacious enough to display a variety of stock to sell.

Outdoor Kiosk from Dunster House
With low overhead costs and short-term lease commitments, the purchase of an Outdoor Kiosk can help you create a thriving and profitable business. It’s easily customiseable for seasons, festivals and occasions all year round.

The Outdoor Kiosk starts from just £949.99 inc. VAT. To order yours today, or find out more information, visit our website (direct link here) or call our sales team on 01234 272 445. Alternatively, if you would prefer we call you, fill in our Contact us page and we will get back to you. As always, feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

January 30, 2017

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