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Glamping Pods Dunster HouseLooking outside, you may think that this is the worst time to camp.  Summer holidays are over, the kids are back at school and it is time to send your Glamping equipment to the back of the shed – or is it!

For any rural landowner looking for an alternative or extra income stream in Agri-tourism, our Glamping pods offer a long term opportunity. The use of multiple applications as short term holiday accommodation can offer a payback period that could be as little as 2 or 3 years depending upon occupancy.

With the cost of holidays abroad dramatically rising people are opting to remain in the UK. According to the National Caravan Council ‘Glamping’ holidays attributed to a 15% rise in ‘staycation’ breaks[i]. The industry has continued to grow dramatically, last year seeing a 14% increase in advance bookings, adding an estimated £6billion to the UK Economy.

We provided you with some great examples of startup glamping businesses that were going strong in our previous blog, why not follow their lead? Our pods are the latest in modern and luxury glamping design, created to offer an alternative to sleeping in a tent whilst still providing a camping styled holiday for the family to enjoy all year round.

With easy access for mobility, we have designed our pods so they are not subject to building regulations, making your business easy to start up. However, for anyone looking to use land for Agri-tourism purposes, planning permission will be required.

To suit the requirements for rural sites, we can provide a range of optional extras such as off grid solar lighting for off grid locations and a variety of outdoor cooking stoves for families to enjoy creating a barbecue whilst watching the sun set over the rolling hills and fields. We can also help to furnish the pods with timber built shelving, bed frames, tables and a decking system to provide an outdoor seating area.

Our Eco Composting Toilets also present an ideal optional extra as they can be situated in many rural or remote locations and provide adequate facilities for off grid accommodation. These toilets can also be used for ecological sanitation purposes as they can produce fertilizers and soil conditioners for growing plants.

For more information, help and advice see https://dunsterhouse.co.uk/campingpod-for-business or call us on 01234 272445




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November 6, 2014

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