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Learn more about the shingles Dunster House

Shingles Dunster HouseAdding treatment to the timber of your Garden Building helps to protect it against damp, rot and infestation. The roof of your Garden Building will bear the brunt of any rainfall. As with all roofs, some water may remain present on the roof long after the rain has fell. Prolonged exposure to wet conditions can cause the timber to warp or deteriorate. It’s something that we don’t want you to experience. We wouldn’t dream of asking you to climb on your roof everytime there is heavy rainfall. However there are certain measures you can take to give your cabin added protection. One of them is adding roof shingles. Learn more about our shingles ahead.

Shingles have an average expectancy of 35 years. Some last much longer than roofing felt that has an approximate life expectancy of just 5 years. Although Shingles are more expensive, as they are made with high grade bitumen, they do offer a more attractive finish to your log cabin.

This durable and aesthetic optional extra comes in a choice of Black, Red or Green, so you can control the final look of your Log Shingles Dunster HouseCabin. Our shingles are sold in packs that cover approximately 3m², making it easier to establish how many packs you would need to cover your roof.

When you purchase our shingles with a Log Cabin, we also supply a free durable thick plastic membrane. As standard supply the clout nails you need to secure the shingles down, ensuring there are no hidden costs within your purchase.



September 7, 2014

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