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Garages Trent Dunster House

Whether you’re moving in to a new home that doesn’t have a Garage, or have just bought a new car and want to offer more protection than parking on the kerbside or a public car park, our range of Garages give you a secure, protected space that you can place anywhere in your garden (as long as they are under 2.5m. If you opt for a model taller than 2.5m, you will have to contact your local authority for planning permission – find out more here). We have a varied range of Garages available so, for the sake of this blog, we will focus on the Trent Lo-Roof W3.05m x D5.5m.

Starting from the bottom and working our way up, our Garages features 70mm thick pressure treated bearers. As the Garage does not come with a floor, these bearers run along the perimeter of the Garage rather than horizontally across. These bearers have had treatment forced deep within to protect them against rot and fungal decay, a must have as they will be exposed to the cold, damp ground.  We’re so sure of the protection the bearer provides that it comes with a ten year guarantee.

Garages Trent Dunster House

These bearers are a substantial framework for the interlocking timber walls which sit on top of them. We give you the option of either 28mm or 45mm walls depending on what you’re using it for – our team will happily talk with you about your intended use and which walls they think would be best. We know that timber can naturally expand and contract, and that it will be exposed to a whole variety of elements over the year, which is why the deep tongue and groove is vital for a structurally sound Garden Building. This allows the Spruce to move with its expansion and contraction without creating large gaps. We, unlike our competitors, feature adjustable storm braces on our Log Cabins. These further allow for the natural movement of the Garage which helps to preven any gaps appearing between the roof and the wall logs as the logs settle and move.

At the front of the Trent Lo-Roof W3.05m x D5.5m are two wide opening doors (0.64m (2′ 1”) x 1.79m (5′ 10″)). Add to this the 1.82m (5′ 11″) walkthrough height and manoeuvring a car or, if you’re using your Garage as a workshop, your large tools into the Garage should be a piece of cake. The large doors are held in place with three gate style hinges which give your Garage a more authentic, traditional finish. The security of the Garage is increased further with the addition of our two point locking system. The fastener, which holds the keep plate in place when secured, is fitted to one door whilst the mechanism is attached to the other. You can then add a padlock of your choice to it for further security. The ease of manoeuvring will continue inside, the heavy duty 140mm/210mm x 45mm support beams preventing the 2.44m (8’) roof from sagging over time.

We’ve all, at one point, walked into the house only to realise that something is missing. We’ve added a side door to make entering and exiting your Garage that much easier. The large pane of toughened glass in the door, and side window, is made from 4mm toughened glass but we give you the option of adding 14mm thick double glazing. The 4mm toughened glass is resistant to scratches, is easier to clean and lets in plenty of natural light – a far superior alternative to the styrene, acrylic and Perspex that is commonly used. This makes it that much harder for unwanted visitors to break into your garage.

Garages Trent Dunster House

The Trent Lo-Roof W3.05m x D5.5m is delivered to you untreated for you to customise anyway you want to. To make the customisation options that much easier, we give you a whole variety of treatments to choose from. However, if you’d prefer, you can opt for the Pressure Treated Trent Lo-Roof W3.05m x D5.5m for all the quality without the hard work – just build it and its good to go for 10 years!

August 1, 2016

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