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QuestFort Triumph Climbing Frame Dunster House

If the weather is anything to go by, we are going to experience a very warm summer which is ideal for getting the kids off of their phones, game consoles, tablets and get them outside making the most of the fresh air.  You could take them to the park everyday but; between work, home and never ending to do list, it can be difficult to find time to take them to the park. If you do manage to find the time, it’s never enough as kids never want to leave once they’ve started playing.

QuestFort Triumph

Our Climbing Frames let you bring the park to your doorstep making it easier for you to fit it all in. You can get things done around the house while your children play safely outside for hours; although we can’t promise they still won’t get upset when you tell them it’s time to come in. Now I could tell you about each individual Climbing Frame but it would take me all day and this post would be incredibly long so, for this blog, I want to talk about the QuestFort Triumph.

QuestFort Triumph Climbing Frame Anchor Dunster HouseAimed for children aged 3 – 10, this 2.65m (8’ 8”) Climbing Frame has plenty of things to keep your children happy, healthy and entertained during evenings, weekends and half terms! Anchored to the ground using 530mm long galvanised metal disks which are buried into the ground, rather than plastic pegs typically supplied by our competitors, we can ensure your structure is sturdy, strong and secure while they climb, swing, slide and tackle the monkeybars. To ensure your children’s safety further, the entirety of our Climbing Frame range is independently tested to ensure they comply with European Safety Standard EN1 and they are CE rated. You can find out more about the tests we conduct here:



QuestFort Triumph Climbing Frame Slide Dunster House

Wavy Slide

Now your minds at rest regarding the safety of your child, let’s look closer at the fun they can have on the QuestFort Triumph. The first thing most kids go for (I know my niece and nephew do) is have a go on the slide. Our Climbing Frames come with a 2.4m (7’ 10”) wavy slide as standard. (Please note: this is standard for the QuestFort Triumph.) We provide 6ft, 8ft or 10ft Wave slides depending on the platform height), far more interesting than the conventional smooth slide. While fun for your children, which they are, our slides are also simple for you to assemble – you don’t even need to build them – they come in one single piece of plastic rather than separate parts which need to constructed which is not only tricky but can result in weaknesses.

QuestFort Triumph Climbing Frame Swing Dunster House


When not flying down the wavy slide, your children can be holding contests to see how high they can swing on our plastic swings which are moulded for optimum comfort. The swings are attached to the 70mm x 70mm thick framework using our clamp style hooks, rather than a bolt drilled through the timber, meaning your timber won’t weaken over time as the swing goes back and forth – this means your climbing frame has additional strength. Attached to the clamp style hooks is 10mm rope rather than chain links which can rust when exposed to constant rain, trap fingers and hair. The thick rope is pre- assembled with welded plastic joints and its height is easily adjustable – all you have to do is connect them to the loop to the clamp.

QuestFort Triumph Climbing Frame Dunster HouseMonkey Bars

Every kid has played the lava game when playing on monkeybars, seeing if you can make it safely to the platform on the other side without dropping to the floor. We want your children to use their imagination, infact we actively encourage it, which is why our QuestFort Triumph comes with 2.78m (9′ 12″) long monkeybars that will push them as they try to see who amongst their friends can get across them the fastest. We do make it slightly easier on them by ridging the top of the bars so they can get a good grip and will reduce the chances of slipping.


QuestFort Triumph Climbing Stone Dunster HouseClimbing Stones

The steps leading up to the 1.20m (3’ 11”) high platform make getting up simple. However, for the adventurers amongst you, we do have professional quality climbing stones which are attached to the timber. We use the high grade materials that you would find on climbing walls rather than moulded plastic because these can crack- nothing ruins a good climb like sharp plastic digging into your hand or foot!  Attached to the timber with 30mm dome bolts and clave nuts, you can attach these in any formation on the ladder for ease of climbing.

Despite all these fantastic features, it is actually your child’s imagination which is the greatest play equipment ever. The QuestFort Triumph lets their imagination thrive, giving them the ability to travel to far away kingdoms, be a knight on a quest to save the princess or even turn their climbing frame into a pirates ship (with the help of our pirate pack) . The possibilities really are endless as they step onto their W0.90m (2’11”) x D0.76m (2’ 5”) sheltered platform.

To order your QuestFort Triumph, at the Black Discounts price of just £493.99 (offering you a saving of £69), visit our website or call our friendly team on 01234 272 445. As always, feel free to ask questions below.

May 17, 2016

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