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Case Study Valiant Summerhouse Dunster House

Optional Extras Log Cabin Dunster HouseTreatment

All log cabins need to be treated to protect them against rot and infestation. We pressure treat the bearers for you but you need to treat the actual cabin. The reason for this is simple. We want to give you complete control over the final look of your garden building.

We offer three different types of treatment: budget, premier range and deluxe. Our ranges of treatments are semi transparent, leaving the natural grain of the timber visible. This is to enhance the natural beauty of the timber rather than hide it like some of our competitors.

These treatments are easy to apply. This stops the timber from cracking and allows it to breathe while giving you a semi matt finish. With each application, you are protected for  a year.

Optional Extras Log Cabin Dunster HouseVeranda

Why not add a veranda to your log cabin. This pressure treated decking, bordered with slatted balustrades; makes a perfect addition to an already picturesque cabin.  Why not break out the BBQ, invite your friends round, and enjoy the little bit of extra space.


Optional Extras Log Cabin Dunster HousePersonalised Plate.

Available in both silver and gold, this adds the perfect personal touch to your garden building. This can be customised; you can add a personalised message, name, names (plural) or a family name.

Optional Extras Log Cabin Dunster HousePlug Socket.

This is pretty self explanatory. Our Log Cabins are used all year round and for a multitude of reasons. Whilst we do not provide the electricity, for that you will need to get a qualified electrician to connect you to the mains, we are able to provide you with plug sockets.


Optional Extras Log Cabin Dunster HouseRoof Covering.

Garden Buildings need to be waterproof. Therefore we give you two options. You can choose between felt or roof shingles to help weatherproof your Log Cabin. These are a low cost option which is easy to install and offer an attractive finish to your cabin.
When you purchase the roof shingles, we provide you with an extra waterproof plastic membrane which you will need to place under the shingles to help keep it waterproof.


Optional Extras Log Cabin Dunster HouseLog Bar.

We know that some of our customers are avid drinkers. So, you can enjoy being the talk of the party with your very own Log Bar. The Log Bar is a solid timber frame, and is prepared to be self standing, making it ideal for use inside the log cabin or externally. This will be perfect for all the themed parties throughout the year; Halloween, Christmas and New Years.


Optional Extras Log Cabin Dunster HouseSide Store.

If you are looking for even more storage to increase the Log Cabins size, then the side store is for you. So, use it to store your work tools, bikes, mowers, garden furniture and any other gardening equipment that you can think off. The 28mm interlocking walls attach to the side of your Log Cabin and come with a secure door which helps keep your garden furniture safe.

September 22, 2014

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