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With the exception of our Vanguard range of Log Cabins, all of our roofs are under 2.5m, meaning that you do not need to have planning permission to place your building close to any boundary in your garden i.e. fence line, giving you more freedom with placement. Our Log Cabins and Summerhouses have 3 different roofing styles, each of which can be finished with either felt or shingles for a more customised feel.

Before we talk about roofs, we need to talk about positioning. Your log cabin is going to get wet when it rains, but positioning it so that wet trees will not drip onto the roof can make all the difference. It is vital that the roof of your cabin has wide eaves to prevent rain or snow from coming into unrestricted contact with the exterior cabin walls. If you choose to add shingles to the roof of your log cabin they normally include a waterproof durable thick plastic membrane which provides extra protection. During periods of heavy snowfall, you should brush off any snow that accumulates on the roof, as well as making sure to clear any snow from the surrounding area.

The traditional roof style, which consists of the peak of the cabin being central to the roof, is possibly the most recognized style available. This style is perfect for someone looking for a conventional cabin as it still provides an internal height of 6’7”, whilst staying below the 2.5m needed to avoid planning permission. Similar to that of a house, the traditional style provides We use heavy duty supporting beams to avoid sagging and reduce the risk of you bumping your head.

Roof Styles Dunster House

 The modern style roof offers a unique take on the traditional roof. Instead of the highest beam being central to the cabin, this roof is angled with the beam positioned towards the front of the cabin.  This inverted roof creates the illusion of more space within your Log Cabin, although the height of the cabin roof is the same as that of the traditional style.

Roof Styles Dunster House

 For those who have opted for the more compact garden building such as our Coronet or Summerhouse range, we have adapted the traditional style roof to create the perfect fit for our corner cabins.  This triangular shaped roof, which is made with reinforced with supports to avoid sagging, provide the perfect finish to the Parisian inspired buildings. The high internal eaves provide a light, spacious and airy feel once you’re inside meaning you can move around without feeling cramped.

Roof Styles Dunster House

December 31, 2014

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