Greenhouse Staging: Why Do You Need It?

Staging Bench Greenhouse Dunster House

Staging Bench Greenhouse Dunster HouseGreenhouse staging is the second most important aspect to your greenhouse, coming second only to the greenhouse itself. It ensures your plants get the best growing environment possible.

  • Plants left on the floor or ground are more susceptible to diseases, pests and inconsistent soil temperature.

When you look around for greenhouse staging, you will notice there are a lot of options out there. What you need is low maintenance, high quality and sturdy staging that preferably has adjustable shelving. So you have complete control over what plants you grow.

Pressure Treated Timber

As wood has a tendency to rot and warp in a greenhouse, we pressure treat our staging. It ensures you that it is protected against rot and infestation. We are so confident of that we give you a 10 year guarantee. Install these at a slight angle to increase drainage.

Place your greenhouse staging against the walls to avoid making your greenhouse look cluttered. The benches should not be overly tall as these are very bad for full sun plants because those plants on the top shelf tend to shade the plants below. Unless you have artificial light at each level, this would be detrimental for plants, so ensure you balance the exposed surface area with the shaded areas to maximise your usable space. Our free standing wooden greenhouse staging can be moved to the ideal position to suit your layout. Also we have angled the legs to maximise the space underneath.

Removable Lower Shelf

The lower shelf is removable so you can control how much space you have. If you use your greenhouse for both planting and storage, and do not wish to have a potting shed, then this is the ideal solution for you. With our shelves being slatted, we allow a more frequent flow of air than solid staging, although these are not suitable for capillary watering systems.

Staging Bench Greenhouse Dunster HouseAdd pressure treated Double-Sided Staging to your Greenhouse to provide two opposite facing surfaces to place all of your pots and plants, or anything else you may want raised off the floor to get more sunlight.

Supported by sturdy 90mm x 20mm timbers, it has been designed with angled legs, to provide more space underneath, and greatly reduces the chances of you hitting your legs against them. The surface itself has spaces between each board to allow any spills and dirt to fall through. So it results a cleaner workspace.

So when you are shopping for staging, there really is no other option but Dunster House. Why not visit our website, call our sales advisers or visit us for more information.

September 3, 2014

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