A Lienne Garden Office AND Birgi Shed

Lienne Garden Office Dunster House

Lienne Garden Office Dunster House

Here are some fantastic photos just sent in from a customer. He has managed to coordinate his garden around his latest Dunster House purchases!

Lienne Garden Office Dunster House


By connecting his Lienne™ 5.1m x 3.9m garden office AND his Birgi 3.0m garden shed with decking, this customer has created the ultimate garden design that exudes both style and quality. Finished with decking lights, it showcases how attractive our offices can look and work in during the long summer evenings.

Lienne Garden Office Dunster House

Once you catch the Dunster House bug, you can’t stop getting our excellent garden products.

This is what he had to say:

“We chose the Lienne for our garden office and have not been disappointed. The team who built it were great and produced a top quality building. The insulation works well and with some blinds, it should remain relatively cool during the warmer weather and warm in the winter. We had the Rapipad option as our ground was not quite level.The system works well, however we did feel the need to add some decking to hide the feet. We also had the decking link up to the Birgi shed, which matches in nicely with the Lienne Garden Office. I would highly recommend this to anyone wishing to have a quality garden office.”

Andrew Berry

Lienne Garden Office Dunster House

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April 26, 2013

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